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  • I ordered the MXR phaser from that ininnovd2 guy and paid on july 31 and have not got it. He does reply to my p.m.'s though. Heres my last one so I am gonna give him till about Tuesday and that is it. I sure hope we didn't get taken.

    Originally Posted by rolloman
    Dude, I'm not mad, but starting to get concerned about the status of the phaser 90 I bought last month. If ya have not shipped it yet, then let's just cancel the deal and you can deposit into my paypal the $50 I paid. Please let me know what is going on. I know we all get busy and sometimes forget. No biggie. I asked for a tracking # the other day but you did not respond. :(

    Ahh I'm so sorry!! Your message got buried beneath a bunch if others. I had my girlfriend mail it from her work, she left the receipts at work! We're actually on our way to a music festival I'm playing! I'll get the tracking to you ASAP Monday if it doesn't come before then. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Hey. Who was the guy you used in Midland Park, NJ for the fret job. And how much does he charge? I'd most likely be wanting to get a bone nut installed as well.
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