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  • Hey,

    I posted a thread about trouble with Grover Mini Rotomatic Locking Tuners and noticed you did too - could you possibly tell me how the HELL to get them installed and working?! I don't have any instructions and I've tried emailing for tech help as there isn't any on their site - you're my final lifeline right now, lol. Thanks!
    hey, S. ! I'm still around. thanks for the invite to the "online Jam", but I don't have any equipment yet. plus I'm still using Windows98. and that's giving me trouble.

    how ya been? I've been over on gretsch-talk(too much). we had a Jam over a holiday weekend about a month ago. next year, we're going to be using the Fair Grounds. the "Jam" has really grown. there wa 90 musicians there. there are some videos and pictures over on gretsch-talk. it's a sister forum to strat-talk. there's a link in the upper left hand corner of the "home" page. take care. see ya later. brent
    Having problems with the drum track on my software,In order to stretch it,I have to repeat it,,cant get it smooth enough,,To sound good,I bought a new Bass but I suck at it lol,,Hopefully some one with some skills will show and lay us down a good track
    I can borrow a Bass from my brother-in- law,If need be,,I guess we`ll see how it goes,,I still need to put some bass in my own stuff anyway,,,Anyways,,,Always ready to ROCK
    I understand,,I was wondering how its going to work being that big(file),,O-well as long as everybody`s having fun right!!Good job Lowdown!!!!
    that was great, Sxxxx. what do you use for recording ? I saw a TASCAM DP-02 today that might just be what I need to do the job. thanks, brent
    hey buddy, how ya been ? you're up pretty late aren't you ? it's what just before 2:00am for you ain't it ? hey, my buddy Joe wants me to do my own cd. kids songs none the less. I'm still thinking about it. I'm not so sure. but hey glad to see ya. brent
    hi Lowdown, I went on Joe's website and I found the pictures of the tour. it's off of his home page. scroll down and it's written right under "Internationl news" (or something similar). it's written in very small print. it looks like there's only one picture of Mr. Berry. of course, it's Joe's site, so he's going to have pictures of Joe. anyway, just thought I'd let you know what I found. later, brent
    I sent him the main song and he fit it to himself. I've known Joe since 1975 and I trust him. yeah, it'd be cool having something recorded.
    hmmm I thought that he did have some pictures on there. I'll have to make sure that he still does. yeah, Joe's got some good songs and some you have to appreciate. he supposed to record one of mine on his next cd. whenever that will be.
    here's joe's website - Untitled . he's got a few pictures on there of the concerts and a few other pictures of Mr. Berry. actually, joe is more famous over there than here in the States.
    Lowdown, I saw that you got the right answer through the forum. I installed the Schaller style Gotoh tuners which do not require conversion bushings. I was going to try the vintage style ones that require the bushings but then I found a good deal on the ones that I bought. Let us know how everything goes once they are installed. I love mine.
    Thanks dude - i really should be in bed, but playing unamplified Strat while the family sleeps and surfing the net....

    Cheers for the welcome!
    Hiya, i`m at Gosford, NSW Central Coast - just joined here, but have been looking for a sensible guitar/strat obsessed forum for ages. Found it! :)
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