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    The online jam thread

    Good question! I know John (posted the original backing trk) is #1 and I'm #3...Best I can do at the mo. 2 progs each ( I think-you should be able to hear the diffs). Cheers and good luck.
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    Ahoy thar matey! Yup,been a while but I still look in to the site every now & then. Have been...

    Ahoy thar matey! Yup,been a while but I still look in to the site every now & then. Have been using all my spare time(what little their is)up writing songs and laying down demos for an album I'm working on. have just bought some new gear as I'm going the computerised route for recording this...
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    Oldest Musical Instrument...

    Prehistoric flute in Germany is oldest known - Yahoo! News Wonder if he also had a shed. And the equivalent of a fridge stocked with beer? Sorta pre-dates us - Stalking
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    The online jam thread

    Sure Sleepy! Room for more. Just download this - - lay down your solo track,then upload onto your Soundclick page and I'll do the rest. Let me know when it's ready...
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    New Song! - Drum Loop Up...

    Sure. Whatever you want. K.I.S.S. or go for broke! I'm easy. It would really be great to have a decent devoted bass player lay something down though instead of us guitarists just spitting something out,if you know what I mean. I've already posted a thread over at the Bass Forum,but no one's...
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    Please give me your feedback

    Very nice. Tasty playing mate. I've never been one to tell someone how to play - that's their road to walk. Nevertheless it sounds like you're more of a home player,yeah? If you can,get out and find a band to play/jam with. That's where you'll come into yourself. Have a stab at the online jam...
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    New Song! - Drum Loop Up...

    Cool bananas. Come 1,come all!
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    Calling All Bass Players!

    Head on over to here - You are needed now!
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    New Song! - Drum Loop Up...

    Time to start a new song. I've just uploaded a drum loop for any interested bass guitarists from Ace's Bass Forum. Just download from my Soundclick page(link under my signature below)and go to town on it. Speed it up,whatever you wanna do with it. Then when you're done-upload to your own...
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    The online jam thread

    Yee-haw! Congratulations everyone! Give yourselves all a pat on the back. We got our own Jam Forum. Cool... OK. The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting this together really. But the real tricky thing is to co-ordinate everybody and to actually compose and piece the song together...
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    Great Bass Players

    Flea lays it down thick too. I know he's been mentioned,but Billy Sheehan in my books is one of the best Hard Rock Bassists out there.
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    dire straits backing track needed

    Hey Richie. Don't know if you're still interested,but this will help you out - and anyone else needing some backing tracks too - Free Dire Straits Guitar Backing Tracks
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    When was the last time you gave your guitars a set up

    Strings get changed as they break or if I need to get inside,they all get changed(buts thats not often). Never clean 'em. I like that funky feeling. I re-set all my wood up as needed. But one thing I do do religiously though,is keep them all tuned to pitch(A-440)w/out fail.
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    Just uploaded new file w/you. Had to go w/the original. Track is too big to be messing w/now...

    Just uploaded new file w/you. Had to go w/the original. Track is too big to be messing w/now. Starts freaking out when I change the tempo. Still sounds great though. You really can't tell that it's now encoded at 96kbps.
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    The online jam thread

    You're up bowhunter. And then there were 7! Now running at just over 13 minutes ha ha ha!!!... At this rate,we'd have to be contenders for the "Guinness Book of Records" don'tcha think? I just did a search on the site...and there 'aint one there yet! Who's up for it...