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  • Hi. I would like to ask you a question about something you posted in this forum -- but not on the forum. How can I contact you? Thanks.
    You just did.
    That's pretty cool about your connections to trek. Closest I came was someone gave me a prop phaser from TNG, but I passed it on to a devoted collector.
    "All in a day's work" as it were but you do get to know some ordinary folks that are seen as legends. We had a good time on those jobs and I guess I'm fortunate to have been part of it...but it is...just a job!
    Mr LPblue , I was a Jerk a fill days ago my friend , I really apologize , I behaved like a kid on your tread.
    Your thread is still going, it's like that damn bunny rabbit with the battery. ;)
    How goes things with you? I have been semi busy, trying to get back into shape for the spring time. Winter time, things slow down and people get fat or their version of fat.
    Slort has the page that lives in the dark and this page is so darn white my sun shades are fighting to keep me from going blind.
    Hey JR.
    Back last night from the Kootenays and week with the kids and grandkids. Had great drives through the mountains, mostly top down...love that ol' Crow's Nest Highway!
    The mountain folk kept me hop'n, always something going on...mostly legal.
    Had a fabulous jam with a blue grass band that my daughter used to play with, 2 acoustics, a banjo, a stand up bass and me on the strat, what a riot!
    Been trying to catch up with ST today and I noted that you were back in The Big Smoke. You seemed to be grumbling about it but I bet you are glad for the work, hope it's a good gig.
    Looks like everyone has been behaving themselves on the lie thread, I'll see if I can throw a monkey wrench in that later this week (spending the day in Vancouver tomorrow).
    On my way back home, I grabbed another Vox Amp that had been listed on CL. It's a VT15, I have a VT30, but this one was going cheep because the front grill was missing and the speaker's dust cap was dented. I used my shopvac on it and it popped right back out. I'm thinking of building a larger cab for it and fitting in the 10" from my VT30, then either get a real good Weber for the 30, or if the cab works out, build a larger cab and give my 30 a 12". We shall see.
    Good to hear from you man, keep in touch.
    What amp/speaker are we talking about? Like I said before, my "go to" is a 50w Mesa 1x12 combo that covers bedroom/club/medium theatre rooms. It can get LOUD or it can whisper and still sound "full" to me.

    Gimme' some dirt to dig in here?

    I just thought that lowering the watts on the speaker in my combo and a beam blocker would give me more use for low volume playing. I want the speaker to break up early at low volume and the blocker would defuse the sound around the room so no matter where I am in the room I can get a fair amount of the highs redirected without having to sit in front of the amp. Since my combo came with a brit style speaker, I was going to go with a Weber 12A150 which would bring me more toward the fender type tones.
    What do you know about speaker doping? Have you done any speaker swap outs over the years on your amps? I am also considering a beam blocker for my combo amp.
    Definitely stay in touch...if production calls, I go but at the very least it puts me in the city and I will find the time. What kind of wheels did you get for your son?
    That would be cool...I'll keep in touch. We are aiming for a May 8th departure. Want to make sure the passes are clear.
    Road Trip! Yippie!
    Bought a car for my son, so we are head'n of for Toronto early next month.
    Taking the US route I-90 to Chi-Town then cross at Mo-Town then on to TO.
    I think this will be trip 12...
    You should test the waters.
    Sevey was pissed at me a couple of days ago.. I think he took one of my posts too literally. He seems to be good now.
    Got a bit nasty yesterday. GT was pissed that someone edited his post and has bowed out.
    Glad to see you back in the fray.
    Rope? Knots? No but there is only one knot one needs to know and that's a bowline.
    I'm making up some radius gauges similar to STEWMAC's under string guage. Wondered if you want to try it out. You'll have to print it on a 28 lb or better bond and cut it out with an excto knife. right now I have a 9.5 and I'm doing a 15 for my Hagström.
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