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  • It's good to see your keeping current with the state of the union on this forum. Pfffft!
    Attention: Black Friday shopping will now begin with fights in the parking lot for a parking spot.
    Don't be hard on yourself. Your not anywhere close to stupid. I have read many of your posts over the years and learned that you and Malikon both have the gift of gab. LOL!
    I recently came across a post of your in which you were slinging 15 dollar words...I google searched that word and the defination was more confusing then the word was. I am just going to ignore your post from now on when you start getting all Ivoy league. LOL!
    Just jumped in to say Hi, miss my old pals! Not that I am calling you old... Hahahaha!
    Hey Lua, just a heads up, you should check out the Lana Del Rey album if you haven't already, it's pretty good IMO. I'm one of those people that need new music to survive, it came just in time:D
    i dont think i would really do much to mine...not at first anyway. maybe tuners and nut, but the stock pickups are supposed to be pretty good, the electronics are what i put in my bullet and love, and the guitar itself is roughly the price of a set of d.allens :). i just want something jangly and simple, dont need to do much to a tele to get it there :)
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