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Nov 21, 2013
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Nov 21, 2013
    1. Shaggy
      Manage to get a listen to some travis???

      I also noticed you might just become the highst posting member soon!
    2. capt_goodvibes
      Here ya go Lua1

      Dan Erlewine - Guitar Player Repair Guide.pdf | 164MB | Doc
      Regular Download One click file hosting: Dan Erlewine - Guitar Player Repair Guide.pdf

      SOL Guitars

    3. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      That's exactly how I'd put it. They won't listen to you with a low post count! :grin:
    4. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      lol. There's nothing wrong with it :) I'm jealous...

      I'll be posting alot in the HNGD and Welcome threads now, thanks for your "instructions on how to do better" :grin:
    5. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      HA! So do I, I type fast, and spend LONG times at the computer, I've been on the whole of today. But I'm just scared to write crap! I have to think about what I'm writing! And you never get said anything about spamming? :lol:
    6. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Ha! Ok! It was like 3:00 am when I said that...

      And how on earth have you got 5,000 posts when you joined the day after me! :grin:
    7. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Lol, your in USA aren't you? Ha!
    8. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Nice! Definitely worth the money. Heard good words about Wilkinson hardware.

      Good night! x
    9. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Oh! Even better, more blue!

      Neat, I quite like the look of tort guards 8) Damn that'd look so fine with a zebra'bucker in it!!! What! Not too bad about the Allen keys, but what! No whammy bar... As long as your ok with it :) What's in mind for the bridge upgrade? Steel block? Speak to CeltRocka if so. Probably got your mind set on something else :)
    10. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      Sweet! Really nice vibrant colour! Wow! And that strap, awww!
      So complete, I love it! I was going to get a pink bullet and string it upside down but I bought my Swan. What PG are you thinking? And where's that whammy bar ? :grin:

      Thanks! :)
    11. Gypsy Eyes
      Gypsy Eyes
      hey hun,

      Did you get a bullet?

      Peace :) x
    12. Krab
      PRINCETON CHORUS that is all
    13. mrbootguy
      hi lua1,

      just gone and put an image up there at the mrbootguy old telecaster thread.

      thank you for your help.

      cheers, martin.
    14. sevycat
      Hey there, where the F are the pictures of all your guitars? I know, I should talk. I am getting some kind of software to crop some of my pictures, so I can post some. I can't ever post any pictures of my geetars, cause it won't take em. Later, sevycat
    15. Shaggy
      well then maybe its because ived not been on in ages, how they holding...
    16. Shaggy
      I havent seen anything posted by you in TIMEEEEE
      to be fair just got a laptop so had a month or two without the ability to post myself...
    17. bettsaj
      Well.... Wemoved 50 miles last yaer to a place in the country..... We went straight into rented accomodation (3 bedroom house)... But now we have just started to buy a brand new house on a new housing developement.
    18. bettsaj
      adult swing?........ only you would come out with something like that Lua.... It was over the local park,
    19. bettsaj
      Don't laugh....... I fell off a kids swing!!!
    20. bettsaj
      Oh I have.... I have been lurking. Also since I broke my wrist 5 weeks ago i've had other things on my mind. Also, I'm moving home on 29th October... so have things to organise regarding removals firms etc
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