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    1. fenson
      eh! thanks for being a friend, how are the Chevaliers treating ya!
    2. Lua1
      cool! i think thats one i havent played yet....when i looking at amps a lot, i was still a super noob, and the "bass" part threw me :oops:
    3. Lua1
      nice! what did we get? 100w stack? :)
    4. Lua1
      lol ty

      this is crazy....i thought i was gone like a week or 2....i would have dropped a line sooner if i knew i was the lindbergh baby :)
    5. T-Bodz Terry B.
      T-Bodz Terry B.
      From what I've seen and heard, most of the Martin's in the late 60's did have Brazillian Rosewood, have to take it to get checked out...
    6. peskypesky
      that would be cool. :)
    7. peskypesky
      the D Allens sound super nice...and i'm getting another set, hopefully it'll come in the mail tomorrow. a set of his Custom Shop Texas Specials. i've never had Texas-style pickups so it should be interesting. but man those Chevaliers sound delicious and i really am jonesing for a set.
    8. T-Bodz Terry B.
      T-Bodz Terry B.
      Yep, love my 1966 Martin 00-18! I concur with your mesage on my page, the body is very comfortable to play. Do not see any pictures of your in an album, would love to see some.... I still have to upload mine as well since my Father gave it to me a little over a month ago. Enjoy! Terry
    9. vonasemj
      Any kind of wax or polish that doesn't contain silicone will work. I would recommend ordering some 3M Finesse It II Finishing Polish off of Amazon or Ebay. It is great stuff.
    10. vonasemj
      Don't use acetone. That will remove some of the finish. Naphtha is completely safe on lacquer, so you won't have to worry about a thing. The only thing naphtha will remove is the wax or polishing compound.
    11. peskypesky
      i never did. still plan to though. just need to find a good excuse. :)
    12. vonasemj
      I could try to take a picture, but I don't think my camera would show it very clearly. If you want lacquer, you can just buy some at any Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc. You can buy the brushing lacquer, which would probably be best for a little repair like yours, or you can get a spray can and just spray some into a little cup.
    13. vonasemj
      I would just wipe the area down with naphtha to make sure its clean and the lacquer will stick. After that I just dip the tip of a toothpick in the paint and touch it to the spot where the paint chipped. The paint should transfer from the toothpick to the guitar. Let it dry and see how it looks. Since your paint is metallic, you probably don't want to sand it. If you would like, you can do the same thing with clear to make a level surface. It all depends upon the quality of touch-up job you are looking for.
    14. BALIstic
      I'm wondering if you could give me the details of the supplier of your Fender waterslide decal ? I would like to purchase one for a patrcaster reli I bought this week.


    15. joeybsyc
      I would say the BMM or the Sonic Blue.. can't really go wrong with either. My Sonic has bigger frets, which USED to be a good thing, but lately I've been playing my vintage guitars more and like the feel of the smaller frets. The BMM is vintage spec, so it feels very much like a real 60's piece.
    16. bettsaj
      Hi Mahler....

      Thanks for the compliment regarding my Black Strat.

      Yes, i did get the Pat.Pend saddles


      I got them from a guy in the UK Hardware

      He sells both new or relic saddles and I have to admit they are really nice. I went for the relic.

      Haven't bought the pups yet as I need them for my up coming 54 strat build. I* want to ensure they're correct including oversize magnets etc..... I'm still looking to be honest for vintage correct ones.

    17. Lua1

      the sad thing is ill probably never own one because i dont like the sound of hollow bodies :(
    18. gypsyseven
      That one makes me almost cry....
      sooooooooooo beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll:cry::cry:
    19. still_fiddlin
      Just saw this. Was this a chat thread? Anyway, I have to say that in my [limited] experience, "tweed" amps are probably harder to find, but there are several clone builders out there, so the used ones do turn up. If you want my short take, they still have a bit more of a Fender sound at low levels, but quickly get gritty/dirty, at which point they have less variance in the sound than the BF or SF Fenders, which have a wider range of breakup (though you pay for that in having to get louder). It's fantastic for situations where you want that real tube breakup sound but not the volume of even a PR or bigger amp, but, as I said, the options are more limited, plus you don't get reverb, and only get tremolo on a couple of the models. I really think the Blues Jr has more of a tweed character than BF, and a good gigging/practice amp, and with EL84s, just lacking some of the characteristic chime of the BF/SF. Good luck.
    20. jmiller475
      That's fine with me if you want to list me as a reference. Did you get the bridge fixed and installed?
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