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    Black Hole at Center of our Galaxy (Images)

    Well, our galaxy is part of the Local Group, which in turn is part of the Laniakea Supercluster together with roughly 100.000 other galaxies. We’re falling towards the ‘Great Attractor’, which is apparently the gravitational center for this supercluster, but it’s hard to see, as the Milky Way...
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    Here we go again....scan week.....

    Hope it’s good news! :thumb:
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    No more GAS: divorce

    That’s unfortunate. Hope everything works out! :thumb:
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    Welcome! :thumb:
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    It's officially my B-day!!!

    Happy birthday! :thumb:
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    Not good

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    Princeton Custom ‘68 RI - Resonance issue

    Somehow my Fender Princeton’68 Custom Reissue has developed a new issue. At 440Hz, something starts to vibrate, and creates a buzz. The odd thing is that this just started yesterday, and nothing was changed or moved. The loudness of the buzz depends on the output volume, as one would expect. I...
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    How Much Do You Play Guitar Each week?

    About 20 minutes a day, most days. So that’s between 1 and 2 hours a week.
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    Not a fun post

    My condolences. Strength for you and others that loved him. :(
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    Nature photos that YOU took

    Maui, 2012. iPhones make pretty decent pictures, I think.
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    Ankle Surgery!!

    Get well soon! :thumb:
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    Greetings from Wales (UK)!

    Welcome! Please submit images of your guitar(s) so we can complete the onboarding process. ;)
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    RIP @heltershelton

    We all knew his health was fragile, but we didn’t expect this! ****! I‘ll miss him. :(
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    Any love for the Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb?

    I love my ‘68 Princeton reissue :thumb::