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    Turd is the word

    My turd matches my sunburst strat in so many ways!
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    Hello there...

    Nice collection! Welcome to the forum
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    My Fender 60th Anniversary American Vintage '54 Stratocaster Arrived

    That is a perfect looking strat! Enjoy it.
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    IBTL, amigos
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    What did I get?

    Looks like a Classic Player ‘50s . Great find!
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    Here we go again....scan week.....

    I hope you get well and beat this! Keep positive.
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    NGD - Finally, I'm legit !

    You scored a very nice one. Enjoy!
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    Stunning! Enjoy
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    new Robby Krieger!

    Very cool! Wild Child sounds awesome.
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    The taco joint is famous.

    My kind of place, that’s for sure.
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    Paging Rush Fans

    Very good! Count me in as a Rush fan.
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    Remembering Kelly...

    Thank you for sharing it Chris, very nice and fitting. It really shows great respect for a missing friend. When I posted my introduction to this forum, Kelly was one of the first persons to welcome me. I feel gratitude, miss him as well .
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, folks!
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    i'm gonna get rich

    If you do get rich, I will unfollow you on Strat-talk, sir. :whistling:

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