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    Shielding - what a PIA

    Shielding paint. Still a little tacky; maybe a half hour after painting. Two days later; fully dry. Even with about 10 times the resistance of foil (which will slightly reduce the effectiveness of the Faraday Cage) I still noticed a difference. Of course, shielding's no longer needed on...
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    MXR 6 band EQ ...... Yes!!!!

    I have the Source Audio Programmable EQ. Roughly somewhere between the size of a single-wide BOSS and an MXR but with 4 user definable presets. Very versatile plus it has MIDI so you can use it with your MIDI capable switcher/looper. A good EQ is invaluable to me. One way is I often like the...
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    NGD - My First Strat!

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    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    It matters to me. Nitro is a deal breaker for me. I don't like the relic look but I stopped involving myself in that particular debate a few years ago because, as has been said, nobody has to justify their preferences to anybody else. Plus, it's a losing battle anyway. You can't win a...
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    The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?

    After watching that Rick Beato video about string gauges I decided to drop from 10s to 9s but I was overpowering them because I tend to play with a heavy hand so I bought some packages of 9.5s to help me acclimate to a lighter gauge and touch more gradually.
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    The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?

    I usually tend to gravitate toward humbuckers in Strats. I think buckers sound better in a Strat than they do in the usual guitars they typically come in but I still wanted a single coil Strat to round out my sonic toolbox. After years of trying pickup after pickup, searching for a set of...
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    How To Give Your Strat Telecaster Power!

    I'm not sure I could live without the bridge/neck option anymore; it's that useful to me.
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    USA strat, still a icon?

    I think Strats are still iconic but the truth is, I don't really care if they are or not. I only know I like them and they are my guitar of preference, whether they are SSS, HSS or HSH; whether they float, are blocked or hard tailed. If they stopped being iconic I would still play them.
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    Any info on this model?

    Send an email to Fender with your serial number. They will usually get back to you in 3 or 4 days with all the specs. [email protected]
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    Am I crazy, or are the new player series w/ maple neck...junk?

    I don't buy a brand new guitar that "needs work" to finish the guitar. If it needs anything more than a simple trussrod adjustment and some bridge adjustments to set the action and trem float to my liking then it can damned well stay on the rack. Nut slot work? Fret work? Absofuckinglutely...
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    John Mayer dislikes blobby pickguards

    Design language? What does that even mean? He's always been a major league oddball. Very fine player but a little whack.
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    Action on an acoustic

    Typically, an acoustic exposed to low humidity will see the top fall a little, creating a slightly lower action. Conversely, a top exposed to high humidity will typically arch up a little higher, thereby raising the bridge and with it the action. At 40% or close to it, I don't see the top...
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    What if everything we know is...

    Just spit balling here. Maybe the problem is guitar forums? I mean indirectly, of course. Ever since the late 90s we've been living in a world where information is only a few keystrokes and mouse-clicks away. Information is no longer special. Anybody can have it any time they want it...
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    Yes or No?

    You love that guitar more than life itself. You MUST have it.
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    For pretty much forever I almost never used the middle pup alone so I changed my wiring so the middle position is neck+bridge. I find that to be way more useful. It does require a different switch though. At least the way I did it anyway.