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    Saddles matching the radius?

    ^ .....was the first thing that came to my mind
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    Strat - Love\Hate relationship

    I get what others are saying about the ergonomics relative to the volume control and middle pickup. However, i've noticed this is more obvious if I'm playing a Strat while sitting on my sofa vs standing. For me, it comes together quite nicely if standing. And the Strat just feels great hanging...
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    Vibrolux versions

    Considering a Vibrolux and curious to know what the difference is between these two Vibrolux amps?
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    Occasional neck swapping

    I guess more specifically, are there any potential issues with mounting and un-mounting a neck over time? Can the fitment be negatively affected?
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    Occasional neck swapping

    My '97 AS originally had a maple fretboard. I've since swapped it out for a RW board and realize I like them both. Now I know many will say to buy a 2nd strat body and have one of each. But would it be a bad idea to occasionally switch them back? I don't really need another guitar. Crazy idea I...
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    Stress crack in neck pocket - Should I be worried?

    ? please elaborate on that last sentance thx
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    Preferred Tuning?

    Dozen or so guitars, all tuned down 1/2 step including the acoustics. One tele tuned to G (ala Keef) that I use a drop pedal bringing it down to F tuning just to play "When The Levee Breaks".
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    Saw Yngwie on sunday night and he still has it , check out the pic

    Don’t the scalloped frets help you hoist the guitar vertically and magically play a blazing solo?
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    Wanting a RW fretboard

    Hello, new member and first time posting here. I recently acquired my first Strat--a '97 American Standard "California Series". It has the maple fretboard, but I am seriously considering purchasing a neck with rosewood fretboard--just because I prefer the look and feel. I'd like it to be US made...