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    Do You See What I See?

    well it it's air dried for that long... s/b good to go.
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    Do You See What I See?

    thas a noice ash. might want to check the moisture level before you get too far... but should make for some lovely stuff.
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    The cost of your DIY partscaster

    my most recent build... was for a friend of mine. As such I kept meticulous track of everything right down to a couple bux for tape, couple bux for tool wear... tracked shipping on everything. I like to think I'm a pretty savvy buyer but I don't have a dealership with anyone or anything...
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    "Tone is in the hands" - silliest buzzword of the decade?

    as with anything... there is a certain amount of truths within all sides. The below video of satch playing on a cheap strat copy is the quintessential example... it def sounds like joe so on that hand it IS true... that said I don't think anyone would argue that that is about the worst...
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    Greatest headstock contest

    thank you... again, truly flattered.
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    Greatest headstock contest

    thank you... truly flattered.
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    Neck mounting advice

    what I do... take a guess and clamp the neck down... then use a yardstick straight edge. place it on against the edge of the fretboard and draw a line back to the bridge. put a mark at the scale length (I know it won't be accurate due to the angle of the edge... just stay with me). then put...
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    Neck repair: What would you do?

    ordinarily I would say to use a 1/4 hole saw, break off the piece, use a 1/4 plug cutter on some maple with (hopefully) matching grain, and fill em in... but looks to be a lot of still solid good wood there. I would get some thicker screws (philledelphia luthier or just an ace hardware) and...
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    Tele for my friend...

    hehe, thank you sir. I very much appreciate it - it is that kind of encouragement that pushes me to make the next one bigger/better/morerer! I've actually got another version of this sm body but with quilted maple that I'll be doing a neck for next... so won't be a whole lot of room to...
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    First Guitar Build - starter questions

    dang... those is some big knots... knotts berry farm... don knotts. I would use epoxy on them as block epoxy would likely make them a bit more 'natural' looking and epoxy is good candidate afa holding strength in these types of scenarios. afa min thickness... I think the general consensus is...
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    Tele for my friend...

    just finished this up... would appreciate any feedback or youtube views you'd be generous enough to give!
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    Duplicating a specific neck carve

    101 ways to skin a cat... there are such things as duplicator machines... when there is a 'pen like' device that follows the contour of the target-item and is attached to a router that moves in the approximate same dimension on wood. many have had success duplicating a favorite neck using the...
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    Tele for my friend...

    thank you very much!!
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    Tele for my friend...

    thank you thank you.
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    Tele for my friend...

    thank very much sir. I am always trying to one up myself each time... always taking on things I've never done. the faux binding was a first for me... but I have seen folks do it before. you just tape it off and then shoot clear. I actually laid down tru oil first so it would soak in and give...