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    Info Requested (if Possible)

    If you dont mind a bit more leg work and tire kickers put all the stuff on kijiji. You never know.
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    You said there is also a friendship section as well. This might be a good option in that a couple new friends will help you move forward from the last one. :)
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    Hey @CalicoSkies. What about for the time being get back on the dating apps and find a couple new women to talk to, you’ll soon forget about her. Use this as a learning experience, in that maybe you expressed your feelings too soon for her. Moving forward don’t tell women how you...
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    Quit smoking

    You sound like you really want to quit. Thats the biggest step. Substitute the smoking for exercise twice a day, once in the morning once at night, heck at lunch if you can swing it to. 5-10 minutes of sets of pushups, situps, pullups, whatever. This will also help with your anxiety.
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    Barber/Clark Gainster?

    Should it not be for you feel free to PM me. :thumb:
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    Barber/Clark Gainster?

    Thats a steal. Great find !
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    New song - Just Never Know

    Here’s a song that I released today. It features my friend Kim. She came on board to sing on the track after it was almost complete, but Im really happy that she did. Happy Friday! :)
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    What inspired you to start playing?

    Nirvana Unplugged
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    Double Stops - Guitar Lesson (Hendrix/Mayer Style)

    This is literally a subject I was researching not too long ago. Thanks !!
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    My latest little tune!

    Very cool! Ive been really into playing and listening to this dreamy type stuff lately!
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    Anybody invest in cryptocurrency?

    It interests me. I may check it out when Paypal lets Canadian’s buy it using their platform. Its like any other super volatile stock these days. Prepare for some major swings. I enjoyed the wild Weed stock ride a few years ago. Jumped ship to tech stocks and havent looked back.
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    What are your other interests?

    Starting out nicely on plane there... gonna need it for that shot. :eek:
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    What are your other interests?

    Hanging out with wife and pooch, love golf (just put a golf sim in the garage), woodworking, writing music and trying to record it.
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    Mastering Plug-ins Compared (plus LANDR)

    I used Landr a couple years ago on a track. I would compare it to the “commercial” output track on Logic Pro. I found it to be a very hot mix, which I didnt really like. Happy I only paid under 10$ for it.