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  • i saw zep in san diego, august '69. don't remember vanilla fudge (that was a looong time ago) but i do remember jethro tull as an opening act. i, too, was knocked out the first time i heard them being played that spring at a record store. i immediately bought the album (their first, of course), and still have it today, though it's a little worse for wear.
    I saw Zep on first US tour in Chicago '69. Vanilla Fudge opened with Jethro Tull next. In those days sound systems were an utter joke, but at one point of the show the PA went down, and amazingly, you could still hear Plant singing! The guy has some PIPES...! I was a huge fan from the first second I heard their first album.
    Oh BTW way, we're in Albany, (Don't hold it against me.) Hows about you?
    I envy you! Never got to see them I was a young one just as they reached their end!
    Love the avatar! I love page myself, wish he used strats more though! In it might get loud he professed his love for his 1958 Sunburst though!
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