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    Alegree bodies

    I nearly bought one of their bodies for my self build last year. Two things put me off: No weight listed in the advert and that the nitro is 'satin' (or might be matt). That meant I'd still have to spray it with clear coat and buff, so I figured I might as well buy a bare wood body in that case...
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    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    Self assembled Partscaster using a fat Allparts neck, eBay body ( I sprayed both parts myself in nitro), then mostly Fender parts/pickups. My other Strat is a 40 year old Squier, though it doesn't get played much these days as I don't like to take it out anywhere it could get stolen or damaged.
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    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    Funny thing is I used to be like this about my guitars and want them looking like new: That's why I stripped my JV Squier in the late 80s and resprayed it with a rattle can. I do regret that in hindsight though and wish I'd left the original (poly) finish alone and let the chips and mark alone...
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    Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, London

    I saw him at The Albert Hall for his 70th birthday series of gigs, again with Andy Fairweather Low as warm up: Andy was excellent and chatted between songs. Eric was excellent, though hardly spoke all evening. I bought the Blue Ray of that concert (no doubt a mix of the different nights) and...
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    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    I play a £270 1982 JV Squier into a more recent Fender '64 Custom Deluxe reverb. Sounds ace. :)
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    Are there too many ways of sending a text message?

    I manage a small team of engineers. Some like to be phoned up, some prefer WhatsApp or text, most ignore emails until I contact them some other way to get them to respond. At least most of my friends seem to use WhatsApp, so that makes it easier when out of work...thankfully I'm finishing work...
  7. Mr Jagsquire 11 weeks to go!!

    Well three weeks to go now. :oops: Technically, by Friday 13 May I will have returned my IT equipment, phone, tools and parts to our office so I'll be 'off grid' from that point. Three weeks tomorrow the lease company will come to collect my C Class Mercedes. :( It's been a lovely car to use...
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    Back up Strat build

    I've been gigging this back up Strat since last November and taken it to a few open mics as well. After I swapped to Elixir coated strings I haven't had any more problems with strings snapping over the D saddle (it was polished smooth, so was rust from my sweat hands causing the problem :D). As...
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    How many of us here don’t own an American Fender or Gibson? And how many of us do, but won’t play them in bars?

    I need to get to this point too: I'm just about to go out to a gig tonight and I know it'll take me at least three trips to my car and back each way. I have a saloon car (sedan?) so I lock it in there during each trip, the rest of the band are usually inside still breaking down their gear.
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    How many of us here don’t own an American Fender or Gibson? And how many of us do, but won’t play them in bars?

    I've played my Gibson 60s Tribute LP in bars before. Granted it's not the more expensive model, but it is MIA. I'll also be playing my MIA Rickenbacker in a bar in a few weeks point buying it to keep it locked up at home. I've gigged with my Gibson SG Standard too, though they were...
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    Ohh Orange...

    I think you're missing my point: You claim that in the age of the Internet that it's impossible that someone might not have heard of a given musician. Even with the Internet I don't 'know' every musician until they are brought to my attention as this thread has. Perhaps semantics, but I...
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    Ohh Orange...

    I had honestly never heard of him before I read this thread. My interest was peaked by the mention of Orange amps as I used to own a Tiny Terror and should have kept it (I have an Orange Stamp pedal/amp too though not as good as the TT). I don't think it's ridiculous to say that I've never heard...
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    Anybody have the iSet Dumbler pedal?

    Completely different make/model I know, but I bought a used Wampler Ecstasy pedal because I hadn't got anything that was in the Dumble area. I wasn't really sure if I was going to like it (despite listening to many videos comparing with other pedals I'm more familiar with). However, it's now the...
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    How Much Do You Play Guitar Each week?

    Usually 90-120 minutes a day, most days of the week. So certainly in double figures per week, more if we rehearse (usually 3 hour sessions) or gig. Had some other stuff on lately as I finish work in three weeks, so been clearing the decks and trying to get my wife's car cleaned up ready to...
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    Do you still use "Man" in sentences?

    No...pronounced as Grot-tea no 'd' in it. As per the previous post it's a shortened version of grotesque. I only use 'man' in a sentence such as 'Look at that man over there'. Otherwise it just sounds a bit sad and like an ageing hippy. I have a friend who says 'dude' but just in a joking way.