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    Happy birthday, Amstratnut!

    Happy Birthday Sven! (Try not to think about how old you are-)
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    Let’s talk overdrives

    The 2 pedals I always recommend: Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Boss OD-3 you can find either used for a good deal The Voodoo Lab is a Tubescreamer with a clean blend The Boss OD3 can do cleanish boost to heavy drive, great pedal for the $$
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    On the Border - Al Stewart Cover

    That was cool as hell Great job on those licks, and it really sounds like a nylon string
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    Congrats! Looks great
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    Congrats, that’s awesome Give us updates as you go
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    Seymour Duncan Jb Jr or Dimarzio Super Distortion Dp218

    You might also want to try the Dimarzio FS1 It’s around $50 bucks, it’ll give you a lot of power
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    Seymour Duncan Jb Jr or Dimarzio Super Distortion Dp218

    Do you want a single coil sized pickup? What model of Strat do you have?
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    UFO 75.

    Schenker was a prodigy, just great Thanks for posting Gary, good to see you around here mate
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    Glenn Tipton or K.K. Downing

    1988, I was 18, took my 15 year old brother to see them He became a major Priest fan They were at the Hard Rock in 89 or 90, we went, stood outside My brother was in the front with a Priest picture book open, they both came right over and signed it Very cool Gotta go with Tipton I think KK was...
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    NGD 2017 Les Paul Traditional

    Wow, that’s really stunning Congrats Sling that baby low and crank up some Jimmy Page
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    Captain Nemo - Michael Schenker Group

    That was pretty freakin spectacular You nailed those open string pull offs and the melodic arpeggio parts Kudos to that tone and the vibrato- You really did Schenker justice, that’s damn good
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    Burns Tri-Sonic set for Strat, Analysis & Review

    Thx for the review That guitar looks great btw
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    Partscaster finished!

    Looks really good Congrats
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    Olympic white strat with mint green guard or white gaurd

    For Olympic white i think mint green can be tough to pull off Theres a lot of shades of off-white available that might work better Good luck whatever you decide
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    Battled Covid

    Holy sh!t Jeff Glad to hear you’re ok bro, Hopefully the next 4 months will be good ones