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  • Yeah man, I love the Velvet Underground. My band plays Oh! Sweet Nuthin. Loaded and the banana album are two of my favorite albums all-time. Thanks for the list of bands to check out, that should keep me busy while I'm at work today.
    Hi, how's it going.

    Yeah, I'm familiar with Dead Meadow, but to me they are too much like Neil Young, great when the guitars are playing, not so great when the singing starts.

    Other newish bands that I like include Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, High on Fire, Samsara Blues Experiment, Jonathon Kane's February.

    Check this out, freekin' awesome,

    Hmmm, can't copy and paste links, I'll post it in the "what are you listening to" thread.

    Are you familiar with Lou Reed's first band the Velvet Underground?

    Along with the Stones, they have had the biggest influence on my musical tastes.

    Hey man, I know I tried to push Dead Meadow on you awhile back, have you gotten into them at all? What others do you like besides Earthless?
    Thanks for checking out my page photo. Yes it's the wild west out here. My Strats and Tele's are a good diversion to the Bush rat race. :)
    Hey could tell me the exact pickup and electronics upgrades you use on your fender squire from fatboyguitars thx.
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