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  • How do I buy one of them $150 MIM strats?
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    keep scouring that craigslist, may get lucky every once in awhile! I've not found one that cheap in a long time, until last week.
    Hey man. I think the decal I want is my band's name "Green Sunshine" in the same font/color scheme as the fender logo. Is that something you are able to do?
    Hi Nick.
    Just thought I'd share this with you. I know you lust after one!

    eBay item 370616472498

    Best regards

    Hello, nickmsmith. Vin here, forgive me for just hittin you up out of the blue, but I was looking at some of your posts and was wondering if you have any pots, caps,switches,etc. for sale or trade. I just posted a thread detailing my setup.Thank you for looking, Vin. Thread is named Wiring help.
    Nick is helpful and trustworthy! Thanks for helping me get my strat from Indiana to VA!
    hey, man
    On the pickguard...I think I might have found 1 I really like(from Picker's Parts)..I am talking to Dewey about it now, to find out where he wants to get it from...Thanks!
    Also a vintage style bridge, preferably made by Fender or a company I've heard of. It's got to have 4 bolt holes is the thing.
    What I need right now is pots, an output jack, and a tone capacitor. You wouldn't happen to have a 4 way tele switch, would you? Also are the pots you have regular pots or no load pots?
    I'm totally interested in the pots you have. You wouldn't also happen to have an output jack, would you?
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