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Jul 10, 2011
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Jan 6, 1968 (Age: 52)
The Shack, Nova Scotia
Trying to walk humbly


Puck of Paradox, Male, 52, from The Shack, Nova Scotia

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Out on a mission Dec 10, 2015

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    1. roadhog96
      I saw yor post and I remember seeing this two days ago,and it’s still listed today. Don’t know if this is a good or even a great deal or not but it’s worth following all leads when your searching for something unique and on a budget.i’d love to buynthis mself but to much medical bills gong on right now.
    2. oatsoda
      Out on a mission
    3. sevycat
      Life some times works out. Sounds like Mr. attitude did you a favor, and you got your guitar. So, HNGD to you my acoustic picking friend. :)
    4. sevycat
      Feeling that spring weather today. Wish I was up to it to go out and enjoy the day. Anyway, I just stopped by to say Hi and wish you well on this wonderful day.
    5. Mmmike
      Hey Oatsoda, I just bought a body off eBay that looks a lot like yours (the one you painted green -- it has that drill/CNC mark just to the upper right of the cutaway for the switches). Did you ever find out anything more about it? What led you to believe that it was a MIM Strat? Do you know where I can find anymore info on it? Thanks.
    6. sevycat
      The only advantage I found to the TDPRI is the level of technical knowledge. That is about the only reason I venture over to that forum from time to time or if I can't get my question answered here. I can pretty much weed out the nonsense responses and focus on the posters who are in the know.
    7. curtain_with
      Never saw Wolf live. Only Rosebud and Lighting Bolt. 93-95. Short window, but at least I got to see the man before he passed. I'm thankful for that.
    8. curtain_with
      Hey man, just wanted to say that I really like your avatar. I remember seeing it in the ATTN: Deadheads thread, what a great license plate.
    9. TheGreenHornet
      Sorry to here about sis's bad health but, have a good time, Oats, and thank you!
    10. TheGreenHornet
      Hi Oats! Hope your day is going well!
    11. Donald77
      Happy new year!
    12. Donald77
      what are you doing in your picture?
    13. bbmyers
      Thanks! Those are just the ones my wife knows about! You should see the really nice ones!!
    14. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Thanx for the comment on my DD pic.
    15. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      I also wanted to add that I visited your pic albums too! very nicely done my friend. I added a couple of comments in there. As D D would say, 'keep playing!'.
    16. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Thank you oatsoda for the kind words about my photo album. You'll have to check out my new pic I just added. Met him just last night and had a blast.
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    Jan 6, 1968 (Age: 52)
    The Shack, Nova Scotia
    Trying to walk humbly
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    1977 Hardtail strat, burst, rosewood, STOCK!
    2006 Am Series strat w/ D.Allen Dovers, chrome red/maple/red tort
    2014 Am.Std. Tele Channel bound Dakota Red
    2011 Am. Spcl. Tele with D. Allen Cheetahs Oly White/maple
    Princeton 112 plus
    Custom Vibrolux Reverb, modded to '63 VV
    65' Princeton Reverb
    Champ 600
    Big pile O' pedals in amongst a tangle of cables

    Yamaha FG460, Fishman
    Martin CS 000-28H Ambertone, Baggs Anthem SL
    Martin 00-15
    Sigma 000-15
    Martin Backpacker, 1st production year

    1977 Fender P bass w/ added J pup
    Squier VM Jaguar Spcl w/ a fretless VM Jazz neck
    Traynor smallblock 200 w/ Hartke 210&115 XL cabs
    Eden EC10 practice amp
    Ibanez AEB10 acoustic bass
    Squier Mustang bass, sonic blue

    Yamaha Stagepas 600i portable PA

    Rugg and Jakal folk roots dulcimer
    Toscani Violin, set up and serviced by late master builder Tom Gollan


    "It starts when we're kids" - K.T. Frog
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