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  • Hey I think the website another strat talk owned forum would like to have your input they have alot more talk about music than guitar mods check it out if you havent already its awsome, when you get to the home page click on tgp forums they have alot of detailed topics, alot more topics
    You'd be a great teacher man. why don't ya teach guitar? you'd make some good coin because of your level of expertise. go teach at a university.
    How`s the bass fishing going?I love early fall,, hitting the farm ponds with some top water action,,That`s about the only time I get to go after any!!November is my time,,In the woods with the bow!!
    Offshore,,I read through the pentatonic thread you were right on the money,,Its ashame that you give your truthful valuable info to try and educate people and they take offence to that,,There are people that would pay good money and do pay good to learn this stuff,I dont understand people..Anyway I understood everything you were saying,,,Good job my friend,There are alot of members here that appreciate your knowledge,,,,Just for fun I recorded foreward thinking using the pentatonic scale only,,,lol,,Only took a few minutes to do!!
    Hey Offshore, just following the Pentatonic thread and saw your last post.......don't give up on us man! I realise you must be really frustrated, but don't let one person rob the rest of us of your knowledge and help. I have always thought that in life it's not what you say...but how you say it! Cheers Gordon
    Hey thanks again,,I was using firefox it wouldnt download it went to quicktime player..Used internet explorer and no problems downloading off BT site,,Sorry for buggin ya!! Thanks..........Mike
    Hey having problems trying to download from the BT backing track site,,,any tips???Or anyway to get them mp3 format?? Thanks
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