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    Amazon makes guitar pedals now?!

    I was about to post the same thing! Lol!
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    Any off-road enthusiasts?

    Every day is off road at my place. 1994 Trooper LS, 1997 Tracker, 2002 Prerunner.
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    Evolution of TONE Settings

    I have a Victoria 5112, all tone knob.
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    The Clap... On a Strat

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    Everyone must post in this thread ...

    You talking' to me?!
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    I'll talk to my bookie, see what he thinks on the subject.
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    Greatest live concert?

    Neil Young, Ragged Glory Tour. Social Distortion and Sonic Youth as backup. Neil smoked it!!
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    What are PRS S- and T-type guitars known for?

    I have one. Excellent guitar. Resonant, sustain. May be the best I've ever played.
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    Can't Quite Figure Out What I've Got...

    Definitely spruce top. The headstock looks like something I've seen before, but cannot recall. Might be D'Angelico.
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    NGD: Slow Week...

    Nice hunk of wood there!