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  • Thanks for the note. We are in Grand Rapids, MI now working on forming a ministry outreach team. Sorry it took so long to respond. I haven't been on this forum in a while.
    Hey man this is the guy that bought your CV Strat it is amazing! I play it all the time. I have turned the pickups around so they sound Hendrixy. I am glad you got your EJ Strat Congrats! My guitar teacher just got one of these.
    I didn't do any weather checking on this one ... there wasn't a lot of finish left to check, as per Chris' specs, however I've been working on the technique.
    I'm putting a better picture of the Moonstone pic up. I first saw a Moonstone
    (Moonstone Guitars - Custom Built Acoustic & Electric Guitars) in Kalispel Mont 1981. The most beautiful looking and sounding guit I ever touched. Of course I was a traveling R&Rer and was not wealthy. So I got Moonstone owner Steve Hegleston on the phone and worked out a deal to have him build me one and I'd send him chunks of cash along the way, basically saving me nearly 50% of retail :). The Bartolini pickups are well balanced and sound very rich.
    I also noticed a pic of your guitars on a chair, Itook a pic almost exactly like that one, I'll post it as well
    My buddy recommended two books, one is Russ Barenberg's "16 fiddle tunes" comes with a w/CD and the other one was called "Flatpicking masterpieces".

    Hi Pat, I'm lucky in the fact that my buddy Rick who I've been playing guitar with since we were teenagers is a little better than me at figuring tunes out. Usually he will show me how the tunes go after he learns them first. he can look at a tab and pretty much play them right away where as it might take me a couple of days to figure it out. There are quite a lot of good resources on you tube as well. He is coming over today and I'll ask him what he recommends for books.
    Here is a little clip from a coffee shop gig we did last winter.
    YouTube - Beaumont Rag - Big Yampa
    hiya man nice to hear from you,i,m starting to post again,just got to get back into it,i,ve been practising and playing a lot lately,thanks for the message
    I do custom work on the side. I do ME and EE consulting for Gothik and have the right to build any or modify any of their designs. What I really enjoy doing is helping an artist find the sound in their head. If your looking to copy someone else's tone there lots of amp builders out there that build clones. If you are looking for something you have never been given the tools to realize, then I am where I want to be.
    Pat if you can get the Fulldrive from 100 bucks and it is in good shape, I doublt you will ever want to sell it. Head over to your tube and you can get lots of vids on how to set her up and tweak it.
    I am not sure what type of music you play but I only play blues and I do have just about every pickup combo covered with my guitars so I can say it sounds good with all of them.
    Sorry for the late reply. I have been away on vacation for 2 Weeks. I really like both of them individually or in tandem. I use the Fulldrive for most of my music and I use the Ocd for things that require a lot of treble and sharp overdrive. The thing about Fulltone pedals is that you can dial in such precise tone that you can actually make them do most anything. A lot of guys just set them at a setting then leave them. If you play with them you can get infinite tones.
    Also I use only Fender tube amps and a Marshel DSL401 so the tones I can get are pretty well standard blues. I guess to sum it up I use the Fulldrive for most things and use the OCD when I want crisp clean OD. I hope I am making myself clear.
    Hey Patl.

    What is your real name?
    I am glad you enjoyed it in romania.
    The strat is just great and i adore it.

    Thanks for the friend add
    I'm new to this site and new to the guitar thought i'm thirty years with fender basses. I just picked up my first "SQUIRE STRATOCASTER" and i'm very excited about it. I've played and owned all kinds of basses from my sixty eight jazz bass to warrick to you name it. My buddy had a squire percission bass and ask me to try it. I did and now own three of them, the active five modified, the sixty's retro, and the seventy's modified. My strat is a 1998, china made, black beauty with a maple neck. I had some at the music store play it along with a U.S.A. model and they all said it blew the U.S.A. model away. I got it for $125.00 with the case.
    Thanks, unfortunately It's one that I let go but I traded it for the 1937 Kay plus some cash.
    frank glionna at music gallery called me today, i paid for them last week, but i told him not to rush shipping, so we are waiting until the temperture goes up alittle above freezing anyway, i told him the there was no rush and if it takes a month or more it's ok with me, i know they are nice and warm at the shop,, mike
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