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Senior Stratmaster, from Melbourne Australia

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Dec 18, 2017
    1. Philzee413
      Wow, nice pickguard! .. I can't find any custom pickguard for my Fender VG Strat.. know of any good places?? Do you make your own? I may hire you to make one for me if possible. :)
    2. Sonny
      Hey Paul
      How are you, it's been some time - my brothers and nieces are visiting Austealia right now, I'm still home tho:)

      Hope life is treating you well my friend

    3. Sonny
      Hej Paul
      Well ... It's always nice to run into you here, and always nice to say hello:)
      My life is very complicated at the moment, too dif to explain here .. But ..
      I've had a very sad experience not so long ago that you might have heard of ...
      My sister lives in Australia as you know, and her x-husband and father to her two daughters is mr. Nick Eade ... You might have heard about him, cos he disappeared in late November and was found dead at a beach late December ..
      I met Nick ten years ago when he was visiting Denmark with my sister - they were here for weeks, and Nick and I really became mates .. If I ever was visiting Australia, I def would see Nick again, but .. That is obviously too late now.
      It's so bloody sad, he was 37 years old. - he left behind three children and a wife ...
      Some time Australia is too far away

      My poor nieces

      Well .. How are you these days Paul???
    4. Sonny
      Happy new year Paul - have a good one. Be careful out there mate
    5. Sonny
      Merry Christmas Paul.
      It's been sometimes since I've seen you here - it's a pleasure knowing you.
      Enjoy the holiday with friends and family

      All the best

    6. sevycat
      V That is why both of you were voted out of the boy band. We were in A minor and you two rolled up singing in A major, what a bunch of clowns. Don't call us and we won't call you!
    7. GuitarAJ
      It's laughing in A 'major'. Major !!!

      Minor...pfft !! :roll:
    8. Sonny
      Vv not really:) liam
    9. sevycat
      Liam: Laughing in A minor, it was a statement someone posted in a thread a long time ago, no one knew what he meant by it. So one of the regulars at that thread decided to give it a meaning. Hope that helps.
    10. pauljo1963
      HI ya GK thanks for that !!
      About my hair, well that's what 25 years of marriage and 3 children does to you !!

      Now I need to ask you who is Liam that Sonny keeps going on about??????
    11. Goodkat
      Paul, Sonny (of all people) is bugging you about the hair?! :grin:
    12. Sonny
      Hi Paul
      I really think your vid is cool ... You're showing yourself, you're playing and you're keeping the thread and the project alive.
      Yeah, Krab has been out for years, and the next one on the lst hasn't been logged on for months ... Jeez, that's a tough one, but I'm pretty sure you'll find the right solution.

      How's your son doing, yeah, and your family??? I hope things has improved.

      Haha your hair is more white than my:)
    13. pauljo1963
      thanks for the kind words...

      It is tough, I don't see half of it, with being out at work... my wife is with him most days.... it is a bit heartbreaking at times..... but at times he is so positive and happy.. then the opposite...

      We live one day to the next with him

      Thanks again, I really do thank you

    14. Sonny
      Hej Paul
      Just read your comment in the "what would make you happy" thread
      Jeez, I'm so sorry your son is having those kinda problems ... Ive got kids myself, so I guess I pretty much understand how you feel ...
      All the best to you and your son
    15. Sonny
      Hi Paul
      Haha sorry mate, yep, I know you're Scottish, just forgot:) sorry:) I looove Scotland, and I've been there a few times - I've even payed a few gigs there. Yep, I love Scotland

      Yep, the Holland game was fantastic!!! I know holland had most possession, but that was expected - we scored a goal, and that's what counts:) if we should lose the next two games, it's been a great Euro2012 anyways - c'mon Denmark ... Damn Paul, that game was almost TOO exciting!!!
      If I ain't wrong, you'll have to watch the games VERY early in the morning. Cool you're doing it:)
      Tomorrow we ... I'll cheer for England!!!

      I'd love to hear your songs - sounds cool with that Soul R/B band. You're in a diddy crisis?? And if so, I do understand you. My band ain't going that well either...

      I'm gassing for an ERic Johnson strat ATM, but they are bloody expensive. I haven't even played one, but wow, I think they are GREAT!!!

      Thanks for footy review Paul, keep it coming
    16. pauljo1963
      ahhhhhhhh don't mention England, I'm Scottish, though I've live here for nearly all of my life
      It would be like me saying that you are Swedish !!
      Of course I will be support Denmark....

      I just had an audition with a Soul R & B Band tonight
      I am forming one at the moment, but it is taking time... this one has gigs and agency work lined up, corporate stuff, so that will be good if it comes through. the people are younger than me, but I played ok and added background vocals so I think I'm in with a chance.
      I have 2 bands going at the moment, a pub rock 60s & 70s stuff, plus the Soul R & B Stuff, I'll send you a link of the songs that we are working on at the moment if you like

      You keep well Sonny
      I've ordered a set of True Vintage 54'sfrom David Allen , so I'm waiting for those to arrive, they are going in my partscaster strat
    17. Sonny
      Hi Paul
      You didn't miss much - those preparation games are always a little .... No tempo, no real tackling cos no one wants to get hurt etc etc
      Denmark won, and hopefully boosted their confidence before the euros - I hope you'll be cheering for Denmark Paul (I know England is your number one)
      Australia didn't play that bad btw, and Kewell is still good.

      My band situation is quite similar to yours - we've never been a super serious band, and we are friends outside the practice basement as well, so we use to talk a lot... We do play tho ... Last year (11 months ago) our basement were flooded, and even though we didn't lose a lot of gear, the band couldn't play for a very long time ... In February our drummer had back surgery, and he's still recovering from that, so we can't play as much as I'd like to....
      Things are slow ATM, and I can't see it getting better in the near future, but that's how it is, and I gotta settle with this - I guess that's how it is when you play with your friends.
      Sometimes we do play a lot, and sometimes it even sounds good (IMO of course):)

      I love my mates, and I'm glad we see each other once a week - I never really thought I should be a rockstar though:)
    18. Sonny
      The game is about to begin:) I hope you're watching Paul... Enjoy:)
    19. Sonny
      Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Australia win that one:) our keeper Thomas Sørensen was injured against Brazil, and won't make it to the EC - I'm looking forward to your expert comments Paul, if you can stay awake:)
      I'm glad you accepted my friends request:)
    20. Sonny
      We should strengthen the Danish-Aussie connection shouldn't we:)
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    Melbourne Australia
    Taxation Accountant
    Fender 75 amp Valve 15 inch speaker
    Various Original 1980's Boss Pedals + original Ibanez Tube Screamer
    Behringer Bass Vamp
    Peavy 300watt combo Bass Amp

    Lite Ash Telecaster 2004
    VG 2008 Stratocaster
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    Maton CW 80 12 string 1977
    Fender P Bass 1976
    Vantage x 99 1984
    Butchered Bass from Cheap 1970's Japanese Bass
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    Leo got it right .... on many occasions
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