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    1. Guy Named Sue
      Guy Named Sue
      Thanks, I couldn't find the response button so I write here instead. What you are saying is true and her health both physical and mentally is important. I don't think there is a simple direction as to what to do in case something like this happens, it wouldn't work.

      Thanks for the kind words
    2. stradovarious
      Hey plusorminuszero, my bad!

      I am just now getting in the habit of checking this visitor message page- better late than never!
      Hey, a used Roland GR-20 guitar synth with the Roland Midi pickup (attach to ANY guitar) is best; use the MidiSport midi to USB adapter and go into your computer with that.
      Then use Finale "Print Music" software (not expensive, under a hundred bucks) and everything you play will show up as formal notation on the computer, then you can save and print.
      The software needs some tweaks, and the latest generation of Roland Guitar Synth has USB direct out, bit it's like $800! The GR-20 is BETTER (IMO) and is a few hundred used on Ebay.
      Actually Fender/ Squier just released a Squier Strat with USB direct out, but that is NOT midi and will NOT work with notation software, it is only for direct recording.
      There's a thread where I posted more detail on Squier-Talk. I have to PM it to you because URL links are not allowed here.
      Happy Holidays!
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