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  • Oh Hell's Bells, the Division of Motor vehicles failed the truck, so no one could test today, rescheduled for next week.....
    What exam? What's going on?! Why did the truck fail? So many questions and so little answers...

    I'm not an old man! Why I outta...
    Testing tomorrow, if I pass my exam... I will call the company and they will provide me with a start date. Hey, I just noticed your getting to be an old man now and nobody except Sonny can tell you to brush your teeth and gettabloodybed.
    Yes Sir Master PB, Sonny has not forgotten to tell you to gettabloodybed
    When you've learned it Sev, you'll never forget) liam
    Sevy replies! The legend has awoken.
    Hey PB
    I haven't forgotten you, mail WILL arrive ...
    Mail? Am I getting a present?! (I have a new address by the way)
    Hey kid
    Look what you've done!! No sleep for ol' Sonny, because I'm back here at ST:) Liam
    I think I've thanked you enough, so now I'm just popping in to say "Hej kid" I'm back

    Ohh .. And thank you kid:)
    It was my pleasure, now for Sevy and GK...
    Sorry, those were a one and done thing. Can't get them anymore, that ship has sailed over a decade ago, I just had a few and gave most of them away to those who wanted to know.
    It might be time for another lie thread. This time we will keep the riff raff out.
    Hej George
    Good to see ya kid ... How is life treating you? Are you still learning to sell houses? And is it still cool living on your own?
    I just celebrated my 50th birthday, I've made a few threads if you're interested - we had a hell of a party, and I ended up bladdy drunk!! It was fun and it seems that everybody had a good time ...
    I'm on holiday know, three weeks!!! So great!! And well deserved:) ain't going nowhere this year, We'll stay home relaxing ... And there's always something to do at home ..
    The weather here is just awful .. cold, windy, rainy ... True British weather like you prefer it:)
    As I said in the beer thread, you and I will def share a few beers some day .. My kids would love going to London, and so would I .. It's been some time .. 16 years I think, so it's about time - unfortunately traveling ain't free:) but some day kid .. (I know you're not a kid anymore, but you know how it is:))
    Right now I'm laying in front of the Telly, watching the pre-tour de France broadcast - I guess you're a Froome fan .. If you're into cycling of course ..
    Hope you enjoy summer George - so good you're still here at S-T

    See ya soon

    You can visit even if your not rich, you just have to buy a cheap boat and paddle yourself over. Not exactly a realistic option.
    Hey George
    You ain't forgotten, but I'm so bladdy busy these days.
    You are selling houses these days? I guess there's s lot of polish and other not-English buyers around:(
    Do you still have time to play ... Your strat of course:)
    It been a while since you were posting on folks vm pages, what is up with that? I think your time is taken up by other more important things these days.
    Bear, are you checking your vm page from time to time? If so, send me a vm from time to time and I'll respond.
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