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  • Hej George
    No visitors allowed??? Where is your apartment located?? Did your mum kick you out?? Maybe find a flat with mrs. Bear?
    Hope you are good after all, I'm pretty sure you enjoy your freedom pretty much .. Or??
    It's not here yet. I have no idea of how it's going to feel, play, or sound. Fingers crossed.
    All the hint you need is in a thread I did this past week, just look for the thread
    NGD coming, I will post up pics when it lands at my door. Exactly when, IDK but I will try to give you a heads up. Till then I will chew on my nails. ;)
    Did I tell you it is brutal cold here. I talking way below freezing, not even counting the wind chill. Brrr. Anyway, I am doing touch up painting now in my apartment. Can't stand the place looking like a mess. So while I have time it's project mode full ahead.
    What's new??? Gun buying. Got a new toy, Sig Sauer P320C striker fired pistol, stocked up on some ammo. I sold off a bunch of stuff that I really didn't need and turned it into cash for some other toys. I also picked up a Klon KTR pedal for under $300.00 USD, new.

    How about you? Still have your girlfriend, any news there? All good I hope. I seen your pedal thread, good idea.
    Hey George

    So good to see ya - It's cool you're still around ST
    Hope life is still good to you, and to mrs. Polar bear:)
    See you soon
    Hey again George
    No I didn't, where can I see it??

    Are you a Paul Hollywood fan just like me or don't you like cakes:)
    Hej George
    A very happy new year to you mate - I hope the headache and hangover is gone now:)
    I'll write ya when I get the time - see you and take care:)

    Time for me to go to the eye doctors, need new eyeglasses asap. Been 5 years since I have been and when I am driving down the road I can't focus on the signs on the side of the road.
    Clean up your Mom's house. That will make her happy and it's great exercise to keep you moving.
    Keep on keeping on and the world will turn, maybe in a different direction then you had hoped.
    Why would I wish that? Have not seen you here much, so it stands to reason that something else is happening for you. About the big enough comment, it's all in your noodle, son.
    The tumble weeds are filling this vm page, another one bites the dust. I never put much weight in the kid to man to last here. He needs his kitty more then his pals.
    Hej PB
    Thanks for your reply mate - I'll better write ya an answer soon ... :)
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