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  • Merry Christmas !!
    You just watch it, or I'll....I'll.....I'll get Santa to throw you down the chimney. :twisted:

    Have a good one, dude. Take it easy. ;)
    Merry Christmas,son!
    Don't let the bastards grind you down.
    Hope you pick up,really,I know where you're at right now. I find myself in these dark places from time to time. Frequently as of late. Be strong. Find time to just be able to sit and think.
    Have A Merry Christmas,mate.
    AllThe Best,
    Thank you Polar, and I'll block forward to that.
    Cheer up mate, "always look on the bright side of life"
    Yep, that's easy to say, I know ...
    Hey Polar
    A very merry Christmas to you
    Life may suck now, but remember, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...
    All the best to you, and we're looking forward to your new album...

    I know you are, but what am I ?? :mrgreen::p

    So George, you finished school last year ??
    "Silhouettes on the sand"......sounds romantic :mrgreen:

    Kool. Give us a yell when you've recorded them.
    Cheers Pb......... I will give you a heads up next time....If I am going to die, I will inform ya before hand. ;)

    Hope your finger get's better soon. Go to the doctor, maybe put some ice on it, dip it in a cold glass of whiskey, who knows !! :)
    Heya duder... Magic! aaah, see what I did there??? ha... sorry, just bored and kicking back at work... waiting..... watching.... tick, tock etc!!! How's you??
    Dude,is it ok if we can go on a short holiday once in a while ??!!! :mrgreen:

    I thought it would be nice and quiet with me absent........but I can understand why you would miss my presence :p
    No, I was just kidding Pb. :)
    But I am still waiting for the day where those instruments will be used in reggae lol.
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