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  • Congratulations on becoming a Moderator,
    you have help me since I joined this site feb 1st Especially with the photos! read many of your threads so helpful to someone like me who is new not only to the forum but knowledge of guitars & accessories again Congratulations & Thankyou
    You seem to be "The Man" to talk to about black strats. I posted about how to pick out a good guitar and people are writing me back, saying I should get a tele.

    I would like to buy a American Standard in Black, and then change out the white PG and Trem cover for an all black one (no white trim on PG) and then change out the
    chrome reg tuners for black Locking tuners, change white knobs for black ones,
    and the last mod I would like to do is remove the standard bridge and install a
    Kahler USA Hybrid 7330, so that I can have fine tuners on the bridge. I do not use
    nor need a tremelo. So the guitar is 999 new .......but Guitar Center in Manchester only has ONE in stock (HSS) and its the wrong color. So if they order me one, now I
    am stuck with that......... I would like to find a store that has 3 or 4 black ones in stock, so that I can pick and find the "sweet" one of the bunch.

    I only found one place that has solid black PG with no white trim and they wanted 82
    bucks for it......gotta be more places to find one.

    Thanks for your help and advice on what to do in my search for the "right" guitar.
    Hey man I really liked the way you helped the guy who's bridge was drifting forward. Sounds like you know what you're talking about and you offered good advice (with pics.) Thanks for being awesome. :)
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