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    Post a current picture with one of your guitars !

    Most recent I have. A few years old.
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    I killed my own rabbit…

    I knew there are several house plants that are dangerous to pets, but I had no idea about an avocado plant.
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    Sometimes a kid will surprise you ...

    Vorpal blade!!! Snicker-snack! Well done!
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    I'm not even a drummer and find this impressive...

    A cover of one of my favorite drum songs.
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    The Dreaded Fluff.

    I think one can get MP3 recordings of vinyl records, then you can listen to vinyl without needing a record player or need to clean ever again. You're welcome. :thumb: 🤣
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    When I move

    I always like to post this whenever I get a chance, this seems like a good time.
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    What is "News feed"?

    News feed is a lighter form of Purina News Chow?
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    I never got into Gin, just wasn't what anyone I knew did .. nothing against it. But then, I really like Tequila ... I mean to sip like a fine bourbon, and I don't know too many who do that.
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    BOC these days

    Looks like Buck and Bloom are still there. 🤘
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    BOC these days

    I guess not too bad. I'd sit and listen to it. Kinda cool vid, the songs are broken up on the timeline. Never seen that before. Edit: a bit rough in some places. Sucks gettin' old. 🤣 Buck's Boogie around 1:08 is pretty good, just before Godzilla. Also Burnin for You around :22 and E.T.I...
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    Did you know

    Baking soda and water is great, but even a soda pop will work in a pinch. That is how I clean corroded battery terminals and cables.