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    First Release by Beethoven's Bastards is imminent...Saturday!!!!

    Congrats!!! Must be a great feeling, and you are such an inspiration!!! Thanks. Rene
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    Winter Wonderland, 1934

    Winter Wonderland, Music by Felix Bernard, Words by Dick Smith. Composed in 1934, and originally sang by Richard Himber. The song is about a couple's romance during the winter season. December is always a joyous occasion with lots of music and food, and lights, and parols, and more food!!! I...
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    PSA: Don't buy Allparts for Gibsons

    Thanks for the tip.
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    jony up in here

    Welcome, Jony!!!
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    A Day In The Life, Beatles 1967

    Hi @StratMike10 , Love your response. Keep in touch and keep making great music! Thank you so much, my friend!!! With love and respect, Rene
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    Sorry to hear about your dog, he/she is in heaven!!!
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    All The King's Horses - Robert Plant

    I am not familiar with this song, and glad to have this from you. Beautiful guitar playing. Rene
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    Christine McVie Tribute Little Lies Instrumental

    Very nice, I love this song, and your playing is fantastic. Love the guitar tone!!! Very sweet, indeed! Thanks for this beauty. Rene
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    Switching to Whiskey

    Hi @knh555 , Very nice guitar + vocals recording. Great recording, and continue to make music every day!!! Rene
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    Guitars to Love

    Love this music, great recording. Very nice guitar playing. Congratulations on the win in the World Cup. Rene
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    A Day In The Life, Beatles 1967

    Hi @Alex_C , Thank you so much for your very nice comments! Especially, "emotive"!!! Andy Timmons' guitar playing is so lovely, and the way they are playing is so fun. Andy is so good. Actually, my first listen to his band, and I love it!!! Thank you for this beauty! Respectfully, Rene
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    Another beauty!!! Your guitar playing is simply unique, and truly enjoyable. Love listening to you play your guitar, with such emotion! Thanks for this beauty. Rene
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    Jesus just left Chicago

    Definitely professional!!! This recording is so nice, the vocals is so lovely, and the guitar so beautiful, not to mention the perfect mix! You are so awesome!!!! Thanks for this. Rene
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    Great choice of song, love this. You are making him proud, definitely. Thanks for this. Rene
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    Best Slash Solo Ever ???

    Absolutely, great stuff!!!