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    True, Spandau Ballet 1983

    Hi Mouse, You are super kind, and you are so much appreciated. Your wonderful comments are much loved. Thank you for your solid support and inspiration. Warm regards, Rene
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    Detroit Rock City

    Wow, this is a super recording. Your vocals is so lovely, and it floats above all instrumentation, which I like. Well done on this beauty! Thanks. Rene
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    True, Spandau Ballet 1983

    Hi Monte, This is truly a classic, and I love this one, too. You are so appreciated. Thank you for the lovely comments, Monte! Rene Hi WhiteWabbit, Your one-line comments simply wonderful. 'Love it!!! Rene Hi floydrose, As always, thank you so much!!! Rene Hi Stone, You are so much...
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    finding a way or not

    Hi Monte, I am a sucker for guitars, and this slide guitar playing is awesome. Your rust are simply melting away, and the slide playing is really enjoyable. I like it a lot. Rene
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    My 2nd song - feedback wanted (Surf content)

    Lovely vibe. I like the melody, very catchy. Well done. Rene
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    True, Spandau Ballet 1983

    True is the third studio album by English band Spandau Ballet, released on 4 March 1983 by Chrysalis Records. It reached number one on the UK Albums Chart, number 19 on the US Billboard 200. It was also Spandau Ballet's first album to be recorded outside of London. Dedicated to the promotion of...
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    My Favorite Things

    Wow, One take only. Very impressive. Nice guitar playing. Love tone on your guitar. Rene
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    Tin Man, America 1974

    America is one of my top band. I grew up with their songs. I simply love America!!! Check 'em out, and thanks for the great feedback. Rene HI mapleglo, Go buy your tickets and go see them. Time is running out for you and for them, hahahahahaha. I am so jealous! Great to know that they are...
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    Open Mic - Daydream Believer

    What a fun night. This is a very nice rendition of this classic. Beautifully sang! The guitar and vocals are perfectly paired. Thanks for this gem. Rene
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    Groove Farm

    I am speechless, and definitely groovin'!!! The guitar is simply fantastic. This is truly a great recording. Thank you for this beauty!!! Rene
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    Avant Garde (Free Music)

    Truly effective five therapy!!! Music is effective, then add guitar playing, simply magical. Love the music you make. Thanks for sharing. Rene
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    How to Play Like David Rawlings?

    I agree with Seamus, very inventive and musically innovative. Great music. Love this post. Thank you. Rene
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    Tin Man, America 1974

    HI mapleglo, America is one of my top bands, and I love them. I have not seen them "live", and I want to. Thank you so much for your great comments. Rene Hi MaartenX, Hah! I remember my walkman, too. Ventura Highway is probably one of my next recording. Although I wanted to advertise that one...
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    Guys,… She Took Her Damn Helmet Off Again!!!

    This is lovely, and very alive! Your guitar playing rocks!!! I am enjoying this recording. Thank you for this gem!!! Rene
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    Truly relaxing guitar music. I love this recording a lot! Thanks for sharing this beauty. Rene