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    Is this a real American Fender Stratocaster?

    You’re doing this wrong. You’re supposed to ask us AFTER you already bought it.
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    Can anyone recommend a strap?
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    Ooops. Accidentally shut down a discussion.

    I made an ass out of myself once in high school. Somehow I got into honors English (I think the teacher liked me for some reason and encouraged me to take it). I was over my head. The class was in a open-form round circle discussion of some author from the 1800’s and someone made a comment or...
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    Ooops. Accidentally shut down a discussion.

    I...umm...I think....uh....what does sagacious mean??
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    Ooops. Accidentally shut down a discussion.

    Too many people were afraid they’d say something that would show they didn’t understand what you meant.
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    Oooh, Purple Jimi MiM!

    Just curious...why?
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    Good deal? Great deal?

    Seems a good price, if it’s not a scam.
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    My 1st Release on Spotify. Saturn Blues.

    I like it! Nice work.
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    Any Hornithologists, Birders here?

    You could be right though Goshawks are comparatively rare and fairly shy and elusive vs the others mentioned which are more common and easily seen. Would be awesome if it was a Goshawk. I’ve only seen a few.
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    Any Hornithologists, Birders here?

    Back in the late 1970’s I got special permission along with some others to go onto the property of the Concord Naval Weapons station in Concord, California so we could include parts of this vast open land (but heavily guarded and off limits) near an urban center in our Christmas Bird Count...
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    Any Hornithologists, Birders here?

    Could be a Cooper’s Hawk which are quite common and often come closer to animals and humans than the larger buteo hawks do, if you're near woods. Though they aren’t as big as red tailed hawks. Otherwise might be a Northern Harrier or Swainsons Hawk, maybe a younger one with less coloring. That...
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    Any Hornithologists, Birders here?

    Not really in my opinion. Falcons very pointed, thinner wings and narrow tail. Goshawk shorter and fatter wings with a longer and squarer tail. Falcons fly with deliberate, pumping like and more constant wing beats, Goshawks and other accipiters have quicker bursts of wing beats and follow with...
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    Any Hornithologists, Birders here?

    Ornithologists. Hornothologists are those who get a different kind of kick from birding than I do.:D I was heavily into birding in my late teens and early 20’s. Traveled a lot around the states and got my life list over 600. Had a load of bird feeders and hummingbird feeders in my yard. Chased...
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    Home Owners Insurance

    And bolted it to the concrete floor?