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  • Hey buddy, I’m in the market for a original 60s strat. And someone said you have one that has some wear? I was just curious about the poly sealer and how it allows the nitro to age. Cheers!
    There is a hard undercoat on the guitar that was put on before the nitro finish, it is a sealer, probably HomoClad by Sherwin Williams. Since the nitro is over it, it does not have any effect on the wear of the nitro but once through that, it is a couple decades of hard playing to wear down to the wood. I've posted pics on here a bunch of times, i you do a search.
    Hey man, I saw you have tried and like a lot Porter 60's Pickups. I am trying to get that Gilmourish (Echoes, Pompeii, DSOTM or early era), Hendrix sound in my stratocaster.

    What do you think of porter 60's pickups against fender CS69's?
    My problem is that i live in chile and if I don't like them, probably would be difficult to sell porters pickups, on the otherhand CS69 would be easy.

    I had just bought a Fender American Special FSR stratocaster with ash body, greasebucket circuit and Texas Special Pickups. I want to try another pickups because I tried Texas Special and liked more CS69, but i can get a really good deal (144 US) on porter pickups.

    What do you think?

    I got a set of Don Mare's - wow. Blows everything else away I have tried - and I tried a bunch. I am sellling a set of JM RnB right now on ebay.
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