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  • I got a Peavey Valve King-it has 3 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and 2 6L6 power amp tubes, it pumps out 50 watts into a 12" speaker. I took my Strat in my avatar picture to test it and the Strat on the clean channel was outstanding, on the distortion channel it rocked out too.
    And it's only a bit over 40 pounds so it will be easy to transport.
    I've had a Peavey classic 20 for a recording amp for well over 10 years and it's never had a single problem-I'm hoping for the same dependability from this new one too!
    Hey Robin, hope the weekend is going well-I bought a cool tube amp that I think is gonna be great for gigging and recording.
    After you added me on Soundclick and added my song to your station, I thought I would add you on this forum as well.
    OH !! So glad it's you !! I see your name on my IM list from time to time and look for you at Marc Seal and really want to know how you're doing. I spend very little time at Marc Seal, it's pretty dead , and has been. Seems Lori isn't around much, so, that cuts the posts as well.
    I got married and have moved to N. Ca. My guy is....I think he listed his name on here as deltazulublues..anyway, good, sweet man and awesome blues player. He's got 25 yrs air force and is a drug and alcohol counselor. It's nice, he raised 2 daughter, so, it's like he can be a best friend as well as a husband..and he will sit and watch the chic movies with me.
    Robin..what are you doing on the guitar these days? You are so talented at writing and playing....I'd love to hear your latest. I took some singing lessons, and they helped so much, I still pretty much play worship music. Nice and awesome way to feel God's love. Such a cool gift.
    Hope to hear from you soon !
    HI Robin , Just wanted to find out if you had been on the Marc Seal forum? Nice guitars !
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