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  • still looking for a cab mate what u think of marshall mg412 120 watts carbon fibre model
    hi did you have the nut height reduced on your blackmore strat , I found a 2009 rb strat still in its original packing untouched , was thinking of getting it set up as a few people have commented on the nut being a bit high regs kev
    Oops, I forgot to reply....Yes i'm ok, I don't know anybody personally in the attacks. Let's hope it is a thing of the past now.
    "I was there but can´t remember one ****ing minute except that Michael made that Flying V sing - one of the reasons I never stopped playing Flying Vs. "

    Indeed, and I am glad you got to see it!
    Thank you man! After taking the readings I found the 5 volt open. 5.6 on 4 and 0 on 6. I hope all is well with you. If all goes well with me I'll be playing sometime this week. I'll post some pics of the finished product as soon as I get to work and downsize the pics.
    Robins, Thanks again for the kind comments on my videos. It is greatly appreciated and I have tons of respect for you as a player. Rock on my friend \../~,>\../
    Robins - my Flying V soul brother!

    I've been checking out your Youtube channel...DAMN!!!! Such great stuff you've posted there!!!
    I am starting to see Victory amps make their way into the US. Doubt I will see any in the local stores near me, but I now know of two dealers on my side of the pond.
    Robins, re the distortion thread - please don't let the small stuff get to you, my friend!!!
    My air moving Brother - Take it easy today man, blast a V through an Engl and make the neighborhood know robins is up. Enjoy man.
    I see you are from Germany. I spent 3 years in Baumholder/Ramstein area in the early 80s. I really miss those Monsters of Rock open air concerts.
    I am about one week from my winter seasonal lay off and looking forward to more playing time, how are things with you?
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