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    1. pclaro
    2. eyerish
      You still with us my fellow fiesta lover?
    3. nagylaj
      Hello! Sorry for disturbing, but You are a great expert of jv fenders.
      What do you think about this jv 62-115 jazz bass? Could be original?
      I could not paste links of photos. Could you give me your e-mail or something?
      Thank you im advance!
      Best regards, Zoltan
    4. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hey mate, hope you and your family had a GREAT Christmas! Been busy, just like everyone else. lol
      Hope you have a GREAT New Year too! Can you believe it, another year down the tube already!
      Take care my friend....
    5. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hey Paul, how's it going my friend? Just wanted to drop you a line that ChrisR over at the 21Frets Forum has been trying to get a hold of you about a JV Convention over in your part of the woods.
      Glad to have you back on the Forum, although I usually just read now.
      Take care mate.
    6. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hey Paul how's it going my friend? Hope everything is well with you and your family! Just wanted to drop you a little note to check out my Album Page if you get a chance. Just added some pics of a LH '54 replica I was working on. There's also some pics of my LH JV I finally got!! Boy are those damn things rare, but I don't have to tell you that!! lol
      So take care mate and we all miss you over at 21 FRETS!!

      -Wayne USA
    7. Exhead
      Request for specs for 1997 MIM Squire

      The head stock seems to be smaller than my other Squires that were made in China. I believe it is Candy Apple Red but pictures don't show the metal flaking,

      May I request you help me find complete specs on a 1997 MIM Squire Serial MN781554?

      Thanks for any help you can offer.
    8. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hey Paul have you seen/read the book 'The Strat in the Attic'.
      It's pretty interesting. Check it out if you haven't.
    9. TacoCaster
      Post deleted
    10. JestersTear1
      Hey fella - sent you an email :)
    11. adamsx
      Hey Rockape... I wanted to ask you about your fiesta 56... the perrddy one. First off, is it a 56 nos or a 57 nos? Also, do you find the neck to be sticky? And do you find the birdseye is not as stable or needs a turn of the truss rod more often than any non-birdseye necks you have? I ask because I would really love to order a maple neck CS one day, and I love birdseye but I've heard it can be prone to problems.. whereas flame doesn't pose any issues.. Just a rumor around the net that I heard birdseye necks can be troublesome... anyway.. you have the nicest maple neck I've ever seen, I get lost gazing into it's awesomeness
    12. Donald77
      Hey Paul, thanks for the messages. I am wondering about reverb and echo effects. Do you use pedals or tanks/units?
    13. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hey Paul,
      You'll have to check out my new album page pics when you get a chance.
      Hope you had a great Easter my friend.
      Take care- Wayne D.
    14. daniel_majno
      Hi Rockape, may I add you on my contact or friends list?

      Thank you again. If you once come to Mallorca on holiday, you're more than welcome.
      And If I get that JV that I'm looking for, It would be and honour that you play it.. hehe

      Thank you!
    15. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hello Paul! Just a little invite to check out my new/old MIJ strat "The Mongrel" over in my album page. I think you'll get a little chuckle out of it, but it sounds really nice. See you over at the JV Forum my friend.

      Take care,

      Wayne D.
    16. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Have a Happy Christmas Paul! Good luck to you and your family in the future!
    17. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      You're right Paul got an email back from him- JV03117. Yeah that is a shame about the pots, it's at $1300 already I betting it goes for two grand...maybe more. I'll be watching. Thanks again buddy.
    18. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Hi Paul, Thank you for the 'heads-up' I appricate that my friend! I checked it out, really nice, but I'm thinking the only thing original is the neck. If I'm reading the serial number right JV53117 that would mean the body and probably everything else is from May '83. I emailed him to see if I read the serial number correctly.
    19. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Any man who has an '82 Squier JV is a friend of mine. lol How long have you had it? I came over to see if you posted an album with more pics of it, you should put one up. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that is one beautiful strat. It is my #1 strat I would love to own! Take care my friend.
    20. capt_goodvibes
      Just to check with you that the Pickguards below will fit my Squier CV 60's strat no worries?

      Strat Pickguards Single/Single/Single at Stewart-MacDonald
      1957 Mint / black / mint
      0074 White / black / white

      or this one Vintage Mint Green Stratocaster Pickguard from

      Vintage Mint Green Stratocaster Pickguard

      Thanks for your help
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