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    Strat was run over by a car

    Was it still in tune? Well, it's definitely relic'd now! That sucks though.
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    Looks like tech used steel wool?

    Like those expensive fret erasers/polishers from Stew Mac
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    Looks like tech used steel wool?

    They owe you new pickups, installed!
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    One word song title transference

    Distant Early Warning. Rush
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    Tube based pedals

    Yes. I swear by my EHX Tube English Muff'n. Sounds fantastic through my '65 Twin Reverb. One advantage is that you can change tube brands for different tones. My favorite are the Telefunken ECC83 (12AX7's) that I pulled out of an old Scott hifi amp from the early '60's. They still work fine! One...
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    The big three??!!

    I totally agree. DeLorean, lol,!
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    The big three??!!

    Yup. Trying Pan. Oops.
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    Switch problem

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    String buzz all the way up the neck. Is this the Strat curse?

    Relax, Bud. There is no Strat curse! That is Silly! Whatever you have heard on the internet, forget it ALL! Now. If it buzzes a the way up, something is off! Probly not the nut, cuz that would only buzz at the first fret. If your action is adjusted correctly and you don't have a mutant neck, it...
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    The big three??!!

    Well, Someone was asking on The Gear Page, well Who are the Big Three? (US Guitar Manufacturers) I recon. They went on to say, well, Fender and Gibson are obviously the first two. So Who is the 3rd?? Well??!! I would have to say Rickenbacker, the inventor of the pancake, the first electric...
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    Vinyl LP Pickguard - What's your experience?

    Red Army Ensemble!!
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    How much is this strat worth?

    I'm hoping my new Korina Epiphone Explorer and V Reissue will keep their value $549 each. They really sound and play great with SD Seth lovers and 1 meg pullpots for OOP, S/P and coil splitting. Sure I put $300 into each of them. The new Gibson's are like $9999! The epis have great woodwork...
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    One word song title transference

    Take a walk on the wild side. Lou Reed
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    Ever pick up one of your guitars and wonder why you don't play it more; And have no answer ??

    All the time! I'm constantly fixing up and modding guitars and I usually spend weeks on each one. When it's perfect, I move on to the next. When I pick them back up, I'm like: 'Whoa, this thing is great' Once it has good tuners, a well slotted bone nut, even and shiny frets, great pickups, CTS...