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unless old finish is a disaster do not strip, existing finish makes excellent primer. fill dings, sand smooth w/ 220 grit, 'n do it Jul 15, 2019

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    1. Redhouse
      Hi Ron, are your PDF's still around to be downloaded?
    2. Ronkirn
      unless old finish is a disaster do not strip, existing finish makes excellent primer. fill dings, sand smooth w/ 220 grit, 'n do it
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      2. roaddoggie
        Thank you sir I have learned a lot from your generous help to fledgling guitar refinishers like me. again Thanks for your help and info regards, Roaddoggie
        Jul 27, 2019
    3. roaddoggie
      Ron I would like to strip a 2006 Gibson LP studio. the finish is supposed to be nitro. Would you recommend a chemical strip or would a heat strip work. Thanks for you time.
    4. 11 Up
      11 Up
      Ron, I just read your 2008 Strat build tutorial (better late than ...etc. and so forth). I'm an experienced woodworker and guitar player, thanks to your tutorial, it's high time for me to combine the two and make myself the strat of my dreams and I have questions. Was sitka spruce a good idea? Or should I stick with alder?
      1. Ronkirn
        the Sitka worked fine, but I've done loads from Alder, Ash, Mahogany etc, any would be fine.


        Jul 14, 2016
    5. Stratopolis96
      Thanks for the information Ron, glad to have an expert's answer.
    6. Stratopolis96
      Hi Ron, I wanted to ask you, based on your experience, would a body with a heart pine top and a honduran mahogany back have any expansion issues? The heart pine I plan on using is very dry and at the very least, 100 years old, possibly as old as the 16-1700's. If you have any information on this I would be very grateful.
    7. Ronkirn
      we're redoing 'em.

    8. 2mnygtrz
      Hi ron. Hate to bug u in here but i was wondering why your templates have left ebay and the Pierres website? Thanks or any info u can give. Bill
    9. QuiteMoist
      Hey Ron, Jason Sheppard here. I've been emailing you about buying a guitar. Figured we could be friends on the ol' strat talk
    10. sevycat
      What are you doing here, didn't you work hard enough today? Go get some apple pie and Ice cream before the young ones scoop it all up. LOL!
    11. Alpha Chino
      Alpha Chino
      Hi Ron, I was wondering how one can get really slippery ans silk smooth frets. Any advice?
    12. Scarred Guitars
      Scarred Guitars
      hey man...I started Building Guitars because of you...No lie...Thanks for opening my eyes to the real beauty of the instrument other than just playing...It has served my family well....Sean @Scarred Guitars
    13. geetar
      hey ron,

      ive a quick question about shielding i was hoping you could give me a hand.

      im getting a bit of buzz after shielding my partscaster.

      i think i have a ground loop somewhere... if i have the bridge plate connected to the rest of the shielding (stewmac copper foil) will that cause a ground loop if the trem claw is still connected to the volume pot?

      thanks for your time.
    14. GaryR
      Hello Ron -

      I've seen numerous mentions of your setup discussion. I'm a newbie guitar fixer-upper and would be very interested in reading your material and learning from your experience. If available, I can be reached at grr1252 at gmail dot com

      Thank you, Gary Rhoades
    15. Ronkirn
      Brian... Nope I don't have the time to factor in refinishes too.... sorry....

      Siscosi ya don't need any finish on Ebony... It polished beautifully as it is..

      Plexi and Texcaster.... If I haven't sent ya the guide already email me...

      Zocaster.... use the acrylic poster paints available at about any arts and crafts store... it's water based so mistakes s are easy to correct... and it adheres like a champ

    16. Zocaster
      Hi Ron,

      I've seen your posts on numerous forums and respect your knowledge and honesty. So, if you wouldn't mind, I have a few quick questions regarding paint & compatibility:

      I working on a strat-type project. I'm planning to paint some custom graphics/artwork over a white base coat. I am planning to use Arctic White nitro from Guitar ReRanch. I was wondering what paint (brand, type) you might recommend for the graphics, particularly if I'll clear coat with nitro as well.
      I was looking at ModelMaster acrylic lacquers as well as a few auto paints.
      Would acrylic lacquer be stable between color & clear coats of nitro?
      Thank you.

      Also, any experience with - or thoughts on - House of Kolor paints? Possibly in place of nitro?


    17. plexi5150
      Hi Ron,

      I am new to the board, and I was reading this thread:

      I noticed that you sent an email to paget1512 presumably with some good information on action / neck setup or something?

      Could I have a look at this document? I am currently trying to get my head around the correct procedure for setting neck truss rod, and interested in the science behind these setups. I have for many years setup my guitars with varying degrees of success. Would love to know more.
    18. sicosi
      thanks ron !! lemon oil is what a lot of people say ,what do you think ?
    19. sicosi
      hi ron could you tell me ,ive just machined a frettboard out of ebony and was wondering what the best thing to put on it as a finish cheers simon
    20. TexCaster
      Dear Ron,

      Could you please forward me your setup guide?

      Dimitri (Texcaster)
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