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  • Hey there! I find that I come and go whenever I have new gear in mind. I might go a few months without ever checking the board, then hit it daily for a bit. It's paid off here lately. I sold an amp head and some pedals to a member which helped me pay for a new amp I had my eyes on. I might have to hang around here more!
    Hi Brent, yes indeed, bought that 50 Anni MIJ 57 Strat.

    Typical for MIJ's am replacing pots and wiring, adding a Rothwell Hot Little Knob and replacing cheap wire with cloth covered. It's an excellent Strat though after thoroughly cleaning it up and sorting out h set up. Also have replaced those awful cream coloured pickup covers with white ones though having done that I realised now how the scratch plate has aged, it's a '97 Strat, last of the Made Ins.

    Hope all is well with you and the family

    Am I mad? Just attempting to buy a Fender Jag from a guy at a knock down price, this may/may not work out though....

    Cheers, Nick
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