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  • V WHAAAAA!!!!!! Its Chad!!
    Haha hey mate, where’s Seay?

    Merry Christmas Sevy, you’re not forgotten either
    It's nice that you're working on your hobbies.

    My past ten days or so haven't been much fun, TBH. My father died last week and we had a burial service for him last weekend. Haven't seen him in a long time time (like 19+ years), but what can you do, that's life, I guess.

    As for the Muscle Man contest, I guess my lost brother from Canada is a much better candidate than me. :)
    Good to hear from you! I've been busy I guess, working, hitting the gym a bit .... Be careful with that Dremel thing! :D
    Hey Sev - I heard you wasnt around anymore, but sure glad you are.
    Work is going on, and the ****ty winter that hasnt realised its spring now ...
    The band isn't doing well, our drummer is sick all the time, and really cant play much these days.
    How about you??
    Hey Chris! Cheers for the xmas message. I hope you had a great holiday season and a nice start to 2018. Because my S-T attendance has been so spotty, I guess I owe you a sandwich after all! *There you go* It's German sausage inside, not dog poop... :D
    Hey Sev
    Its a diddy sad that we 're not seeing each other here so often, but I havent forgottten you at all.
    Not playing anymore, well .. I still play, but not as much as I'd like to ..
    Hows you new job - better than the last one I hope..
    Sevy isn't around anymore :( He's left us!
    You don't play at all? Oh man, that's a crying shame. I can take one off your hands, ease the load. *whistles away*
    Hey Sevy! I must admit, I am far and between this forum these days. I'm no longer than kid in his bedroom obsessing about music and guitars these days, I hardly have time to even play anymore. I've decided that I'm going dedicate more time to old my interests and hobbies.
    I've ordered a new toy - I thought you guys should be aware that I'm shortly going to be rocking a Musicman Steve Morse Y2D with Floyd in De-Purple Burst... Hubba hubba!

    Hope you guys are all well, missed the gang but just have no time to my self at the moment!
    Yeah, we're going to Denmark!

    But hey .... maybe that's what he wants?!

    Us to get to him, so that he doesn't even have to turn on the computer, let alone sends an email! :p :D
    I'd love a message for the gang .. :)
    Pssst .. Does Macak have somethng going with Mary Pumpkin???:)
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