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Nov 6, 2019
Aug 8, 2008
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Newark, DE


Custom Shop Cat, Male, from Newark, DE

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As in hangover Bunny, I wanted to get wasted drunk because my drummer from my teenage band passed away. Jun 9, 2017

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Nov 6, 2019
    1. Sonny
      Hmmmm ..... Me:)
    2. sevycat
      No, Sonny it was the guy who posted a nude picture that helped with the demise of the thread, I wonder who that was? No amp playing today, too many other things calling me to do. We got good weather and I am taking advantage of outdoor stuff while it is still good.
    3. Sonny
      Hey Sevylad
      Do you enjoy your new amp? Or ain't you allowed to play it yet ... Pizza and cheese steak... Mmmm ... I didn't have dinner tonight
      Hmm ... that guy 3 posts below, isn't that the famous thread killer???:)
    4. sevycat
      No, I am not tinkering with my amps on the inside. I will leave that for someone who actually know what their doing. Sorry to hear about the car, work bench, and you tarnished pride. LOL
    5. GuitarAJ
      Morning !! And that's from my side of the pond this time around !!

      The driving is going good. Im stuck with a crappy Toyota Corrola, but I think that's the result of a rule which states that you are not allowed to own a better car than your parents.....when your 16. :mrgreen:

      It's funny that you should mention the tree's. Last weekend we found a cool place to practice driving near the airport, it was just an abondoned grassland/stretch of ground, and it went all good. Then when we came home, and I was driving the car into the garage, I accelerated a bit too much and went into the work bench......nothing much happened, just a scuff mark near the registration plate....goes to show how the home is as lethal as the road....huh ?? :grin:

      How are you going ?? You didn't dissassemble more amps, and forget how they went back together again....did ya ??!!
    6. Chud6
      Now then Sevykitkat!
      Long time no smell! I still drift through,don't you worry 'bout that,I like to check up on my kids!
      And watch out for the spammerking below me,stirs all kinds of porridge!
    7. Sonny
      Hi Sevy - gotta warn ya against the guy below:) he's got a beautiful voice, but he only drinks diddy cans. I know him from sometime long ago:)
    8. Chud6
      ............And noooooowwwwww,the end is neeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!........... Not!
      No matter where you lot try to hide............. I will find yous!
      Coming ready or not!
      (Think this guy below's some sort of spy!)
    9. Sonny
      Hi Sevy
      If you're new (old) amp sounds as good as my Marshall did today, you're a very lucky guy:) have you uploaded a sound clip???
      Haha no liaming:) maybe I should go looking for Chuds Diary...
      Take care buddy, miss talking to ya guys
    10. sevycat
      I was out today with family in the Italian market in Philadelphia, stuffing my face with good, hell awesome food. No playing today as I got blisters on my fingers! Now I have to Gettabloody bed!
    11. Sonny
      Hi Sevy
      Just wanna say "hi" - I guess you're playing a lot, and making friends with your new amp:)
      Hope you enjoy it as much as I think you do
    12. Goodkat
      Friday night, man! I was out. :grin:
    13. Sonny
      Hey Sevy, sounds really cool - of course I'll help ya, but I'm not an expert... Northern Europe is quite big, but of course I do know a few nice places...
      You'll be traveling in the winter .... Hmmm ....
      Let be have some further details, where, when, etc ... But really, I'm no expert...
      Of course I would love to be your guide in Ballerup/Copenhagen.
      Exciting news my friend
    14. LeftyBlake
      Yes sir, I made it back. Been putting a bunch of music together with a friend of mine and we're in the process of doing some recording.
    15. Chud6
      Yes sevy,yes.
      Read! Read! And show me the pictures as we go along!
    16. sevycat
      That You so much for your support Chud6.
    17. Chud6
      Long time no post here,severianocat!
      Your 2 months of graft are nearly up,my friend,so you must report to 'the thread' urgently when you become available!
      Keep up the good work,buddy,don't ***** kill yourself.
    18. Sammy1366
      Thanx For The Friendship Add !!!!
    19. Goodkat
      Thanks! :)
    20. stratphobic
      lol. it's a pic of justin bieber with mr bean's face photoshopped in
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