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Nov 6, 2019
Aug 8, 2008
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Newark, DE


Custom Shop Cat, Male, from Newark, DE

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As in hangover Bunny, I wanted to get wasted drunk because my drummer from my teenage band passed away. Jun 9, 2017

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Nov 6, 2019
    1. T Bone Slort
      T Bone Slort
      Oh Mr. Sevycat, you are being oblique again. I thought you were razzing me about the outrageously priced AF100 fuzz I've listed, but apparently not. Something about pop music has tickled your whiskers.
      Keep up the good work old man, your musings are always welcome.
    2. Sonny
      How did you like the new StarWars?? Unfortunately I haven't seen it, but I want to ...
      See ya soon
    3. Sonny
      Hey Sev
      Are you selling guitars again?
      How are ya? Good I hope ... You got a lot of snow coming your way not long ago, didn't ya??
      I'm attending a ...... GIN tasting session on Friday... :) don't know what to expect, but I might get surprised - I always thought, that gin was tasting like Mačaks aftershave lotion, but we"ll give it a chance ...
    4. T Bone Slort
      T Bone Slort
      What you talk'n about Willard?
    5. GuitarAJ
      Happy belated New Year, Sevy!
    6. Desert strat
      Desert strat
      V Darn it !!! hey Sevy I started a new thread in the DIY forum for odd ball builds, I finished my licence plate 3 string git...... oh, that's odd ball guitar builds, not odd balls. :)
    7. sevycat
      I have no ring around the collar or bath tub. Spotters fee denied!
      1. Desert strat likes this.
    8. Desert strat
      Desert strat
      How much do want the ring around the bath tub Sevy???? I have buyer's in your area who might be interested, I'm only asking for a small spotters fee of 5,000 Paso's...... or nearest offer. :)
    9. Dewey
      Didn't see your comment until now. ST alerts don't work very well.

      Right on best of luck on finding a sale for your guitars.
    10. Dewey
      Let me know if you are selling anything interesting sevy. :)
    11. Goodkat
      v Our beloved Jordan Belfort and his drinking adventures! :D

    12. Sonny
      And I'm home again .. And we did have rum .. Actually a lot of it .. But it was bladdy good. We were caught in a diddy blizzard on our way home, but went home safe.
      The hardest part was work Monday .. And the week is still very very long ...
    13. sevycat
      V I have a fire place for your Taylor
    14. Dewey
      Hey sevy,

      I have a Taylor for sale. JK.

      I found a Martin in a small shop here in Seattle. The difference is like night and day.
      The Martin makes my Taylor sound like a toy. Thanks for the suggestion.
    15. ZlurkCorzDog
      Happy New Year by the way.
    16. Sonny
      Ohh, and Saturday I'm I'm going to Middelfart (yes, I know:)) to celebrate one of the guys birthday .. One of the best days of the year, with a lot of everything, and yes, my friend in Middelfart is a rum-monster, so I'm pretty sure we'll have a rum or two .. Review next week:)
    17. Sonny
      Sevy, we both know that you would NEVER buy a Marshall amp .. You're a Fender amp guy.

      I'm still looking out for the Marshall Astoria amps, but they are not in Denmark yet
    18. sevycat
      V I will be happy just as soon as I get that new amp. It's a Marshall! I am looking high and low for a deal on the 1974x model
    19. Sonny
      An apple a day, listen to your old Swinging Blue Jeans records and donate your old wellies to a local fisherman, then you'll be your old happy self in just a weeks time:wink: Liam
    20. sevycat
      Jesus Sonny, come up with you own advise once in a while instead of piggybacking on others.
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