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  • This is pretty odd ...SEVYCAT, where are you:) in a truck I hope ...
    Happy new year
    Damn Sev, your exam is postponed again .. i cross my fingers on tuesday.. cmon you can do it..
    I thought that you maybe should go get a new cat, but .. who should look after it while youre touring the US in your big truck ..
    Even tho Dumle sometimes is bladdy annoying, I wouldnt want him out of my life, no matter what ..
    You could have a dog in your truck maybe??
    damn youre riht Sev, only those short messages, i always forget, and have to break em up into diddy'er parts
    Ask Paul Green, what can he say but no ....
    Tomorrow ... Wow Sev.
    First thing is, you're an experienced guy, with combatread - go ahead Sev, do it for the sake of your new life, and if you pass, you could pick up one of your starts, and reward yourself with a few chords:)
    My fingers are crossed for you, and I'm anxiously awaiting your next message ...
    Good luck my friend, you're in my thoughts
    Tomorrow ... Wow Sev.
    First thing is, you're an experienced guy, with combat training ... Or close:)
    You can make decisions and work independently, and you're a very nice grumpy guy:)
    What could go wrong Sev, if you fail the exam, you'll pass next time, and why should it go wrong ?? I'm pretty sure you've read and rehearsed, and goes into this with a positive energy
    Damn Sev, I have periods where I play more or lesser, but Sevycats passing really got to you - when you're ready you'll play again, and your beautiful guitars deserve to be used - I hope it won't take too long tho
    Good to see you - so many people around here I don't know
    That's a bummer Sev, but nothing you can do but be prepared - I'll cross my fingers AND anything else if I can help you pass your final exam - and soon you're on your way to Texas .. And Rogue
    Hey Sev
    Finally you're here .. So many people around these days I don't know
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