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  • Gonna yank your roadworn too without even the courtesy of a response to people who show interest. What a dick. Off to the cornfield for you.
    Shades of Blue
    Shades of Blue
    Sold an hour after listing on Reverb. Guess you gotta be quicker
    Hi. Did you yank that whole post about the 2019 Tele for sale? or am I losing my mind? I was hoping to discuss it with you but it vanished!
    Hey bro try letting those fives down about a screw turn down from factory settings that will give you what you want. Everything from southern rock to blues
    hey shades of blue! i loved how you did your DIY guitar rack! i was just wondering if you can send me the materials and instructions you used for it? here's my e-mail: [email protected] com thinking of building my own. thank you so much!
    Hey there, I was wondering what amp you're using these days.
    Have you compared the 65 DRRI to the newer 68 Custom Reverb?
    send me your details and i'll send you a paypal payment, if the surf green timmy is still available !
    I was reading a post of yours from 2011. You swapped your C12n for a CRex in your NOS BJr.
    I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Similar circumstances: raise the volume and the trebles get pretty harsh. Adjust the tone knobs and you lose the edge.
    How did you like the change?
    Thanks for your time,
    Hey Shades, I was just wondering how your thin skin with the big dippers is going?
    Hey mate

    Hope your well. I was just wondering why you went the studio pro vs the custom reverb? I am looking at getting a Two rock and there are none in Adelaide. I have to get one from Melbourne.

    Look forward to your reply

    That's nice to hear.Do you have any video where I can hear the mayerish overdriven sound ?Or could you post something ?Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks a lot,Nick :)
    Hello there.I saw in a thread that you own a studio pro.How do you like it?I'd like to know if you can get a mayerish type of overdrive sound(like in where the light is) with a pedal,like the full drive.I got a two rock jet and loved the clean channel but I didn't like the lead channel.I couldn't get a sound that i liked out of it.I used the fulltone fulldrive on the clean channel and got these mayerish type of sounds,but not with the amp's lead channel.So i thought i'd give back the jet and get a studio pro since i don't need a second channel,and use a pedal for overdrive.Do you think i could do that?I liked the thick type of cleans that the jet offers.Are the studio pro's cleans similar?Are they thick?Or are they thin,kind of too bright sounding?Thanks a lot in advance for your time,Nick
    hey how you doing im planning a partscaster in the a tribute to Monterey pop JH strat question is DID you use a drill press to drill the holes in the body of the blue strat in you album or just a hand drill and what size bits.
    Hi, Shades of blue, i bought a 50's re-issue, dapney blue, and i love it to death, i own a 89 ECstrat candy green. The 50's re-issue has a more wood to the body, less sculptered and feels more substantial, acoustically verry loud. The EC is super aerodynamic and doesn't feel like its there, its so comgortable, but the 50's has more to hang on to, wierd going from one to the other, very pleasant though, oh and i put the EMG DG-20 on the 50's and though i'm not trying to emulate David Gilmour but when it sounds that great, those things are bound to happen. Love the Lace Sensors equally. Both necks are very similar exept the finish, way glossier and more lacker on the 50's. I can cover just about any sound exept that chimmery top end, i find strat are usually thin sounding but these two axes have me by the BOOBOO
    Thats good going! im glad it worked out and you have given me something to think about ;)
    Hi there mate, interesting post you just made, did you get the HW1 body and 60s neck on the bay?
    Hey Shades of Blue,
    did you get your tubescreamer??
    I have a TS9 reissue that I would like to sell, if you are interested.
    Let me know...
    I just finished a strat project and used a Jesus Praiseworthy head stock decal. I'll try to post it. Its better to show my faith than show any status of a strat decal, but that's jus
    my humble opinion. It's also my job as "an ambassador of Christ"

    Blessing, rock on!
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