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  • medication? you and the man are always trying to suppress my inner light....the only medication i need is charlie sheen :D
    my rise to glory has been swift and ruthless. but my reign at the top will be peaceful for all who choose not to appose me. im very much like a Steppe warrior tribe :)
    i have....i bought the invisible band the night before last i think, and listened last night.....its pretty great already, but seems like a grower too :). i think im a travis fan! :)

    dont remind me about my post count :p. its like congratulating a woman on her 40th birthday or something :D
    really? ive been posting like crazy, just mostly in ot :)

    i havent noticed you around much.....probably just not crossing paths :D
    No probs. On the +DX the Lace Sensors are also wired through TBX tone pots. Don't know if you're going with that mod as well.
    :D Yeah, they sound fine, good lead tones from the reds, without sounding tinny. Blue is warmer, more mellow (as you'd expect from a neck pu) Silver, I use it for a nice clean, clear tone. I personally believe you can get too involved in the very subtle differences in pu's. By the time you've passed the tone through a myriad of pedals/fx processors/amps etc you've dialled in your own sound anyway. I use a cheap Chinese Squier as well, they sound OK too!! (maybe a little "rougher" sounding - but thats not a bad thing)
    I've been playing the DX for nearly 20 years, so it just sounds how it does. No Gibson P90's to compare it to! :) Sorry I can't be more helpful
    I'm not that tuned into the nuances, they're just bridge,mid and neck pickups to me! However from Xhefris website:
    "The Blue Lace Sensor has increased output compared to the Gold Lace and has a warmer P-90 Gibson flavor to it. I like to use it ona clean amp setting for a powerful, rich, smooth blues or jazz sound. With distortion, it can be silky smooth with no raspy edges.

    The Silver Lace Sensor gives a fatter vintage 70s Strat sound with a little increased output and more midrange. This pickup works great in switch positions #2 and #4 in giving those out-of-phase sound Strats are famous for.

    The Red Lace Sensor is the hottest output of the Lace Series, and gives a fat, punchy humbucker sound. It has lot's of bite and is most often used in the bridge. Some of the Tele Plus' and the Strat Ultras used the Red Lace in a Dually configuration, often with a switch to split one of the two pickups off."

    I'll go along ith what he says lol
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