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  • Hi Simon,It’s me Ray at [email protected]
    I know you’re a popular person because you are smart and wise.But I wonder if you’ve had time to read my last note about lace sensor pickups I’m trying to wire up in my Tele?m really disgusted .No results.with it.I followed one diagram without results.Can you help please?
    I really need a diagram with blue,silver and red pups in it.s1 and 5 way superswitch confusing.TY
    HiSimon,I’m Ray,I can see you are the guy that can help me.I need help with the James Burton guitar with blu,red and silver pups wired to a 5 way super switch and a S1 switch for series and parallel wiring.with no luck.Can you please send me some kind of diagram so I can do it right please?I’ve been working on it and checking it over and over for about two months [email protected] ps my guitar is a Tele.
    Hi, Thanks for offering your help.
    Here it is, two RCA cables from my Hi-Fi stereo receiver go to the soundcard's left and right mono outputs, the soundcard is connected to the PC via USB, and whatever I do, the DAW (Audacity) can't see my headphones, plugged into the soundcard or the receiver. just started a conversation about this, sorry for posting here
    Greetings Simon, just a quick note to see how you are doing; I've been AFK due to other commitments but hope you're home from hospital and recovery is going well. Take care - SG
    So yea sorry that was intended jovially. You guys did a great job. I thought you knew the edit ran long, I was comment on that.
    Hey Simon, Lon here. If you're interested in the Warmoth neck make me an offer. I spent 10 years in Europe so I know how dear everything is over there.
    Hey Simon, Lon here. If you're interested in the Warmoth neck make me an offer. I spent 10 years in Europe so I know how dear everything is over there.
    I seen her, she is pretty hot looking and I can only imagine you tossed and turned waiting for that package to arrive. Enjoy and let me know how the new love affair goes with the blonde. ;)
    Can't wait to see some pictures of that 335. I picked up a used Warren Haynes a few months back.
    Season's Greetings! :-D

    In a post from this year you say you have a "...wiring diagram that gives you most of the traditional Strat combinations, plus most of the useful Brian May combinations – but without messing up the traditional Strat control layout"

    I would be very interested in this. I like Strats and am currently putting one together BUT I don't really need a clone! So I got hold of a set of TriSonics(goodness knows how I am gonna find/modify the PickGuard!). I don't really like the strat mid pup on its own (but maybe I would if it was a TriSonic..?) & so am not too reluctant in losing it and I notice that Brian May himself does not love ALL the selections his Red Special offers so I am searching for a layout that would be easy to use in a not too modify Strat scratchplate.

    I think this would be easy enough as I quite like push/pull pots & rotary switches and when ya consider that a few positions on Brian's guitar are repeated AND single pickup selections don't actually need a phase switch then there must already be a simplified wiring diagram out here but I can't seem to find one!

    I can wire up guitars well with a diagram or, with patience(!), a schematic but I'm not too good at inventing them from scratch! I don't mind having no tone controls at all, by the way;-)

    Thank You for your time!
    Thank you Simoncroft for the reply. It was suggested to place my question on the proper board Pre-CBS. I have an appraisal from Gruhan in Nashville but it dates back to 2001. I can post some pics but don't know how to yet. Take care, dick
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