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    Free Plug In today on Waves - Lil Tube

    Well, this is a little disappointing. I got my code to register the new plug-in... but I never can. That's because it's a Version 14 plug-in, meaning it won't install on my older Mac OS. Waves constantly plays this game: because you've upgraded your system, you'll need to buy our software...
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    So far ahead and then, well, British Leyland……….

    Point taken, but BMW took a specialist high-performance design, based on a fairly cheap-and-nasty rust bucket car, and turned it into a well made vehicle. IMO, every BMW Mini is better suited to the modern world than the original, which was designed to be affordable to drivers with far less...
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    Florida Woman

    Thank you very much. I can now see at least $2 of merit in her claim. :whistling:
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    Working on my new setup

    Thank God! I thought it was going to be yet another thread on suggested string heights for a Strat set-up. :sneaky: Nice new gear you've ordered. If you don't especially gel with Ableton Live, there are plenty of alternatives that I feel are possibly better suited to the guitar-playing...
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    Florida Woman

    I can't view the content from the UK, but that is just insane! How has the Company possibly caused this woman a personal loss of $5m? Even accounting for the intense emotional distress she must have experienced when she discovered she needed to give it another 2 mins at 800W, I'd say the true...
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    So far ahead and then, well, British Leyland……….

    Agreed. I had a pretty nice Strat from about 1978 (despite a neck pocket you could wedge picks in), but the Fender Jazz I bought new in 1974 had neck issues. To be fair, all the US guitar manufacturers had problems back then. Gibson lost a lot of skilled staff to a car plant that paid better...
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    Killer Deal on 50s Classic Vibe Stratocasters

    While these are great deals, I'm concerned that these are warning flags regarding FMI as an enterprise. Chopping prices this low – and increasingly cutting out your traditional routes to market – tends to suggest a cashflow crisis, demanding short-term solutions.
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    So far ahead and then, well, British Leyland……….

    IMO, too many independent car manufacturers turned into badges on the front of sub-standard cars produced by a disillusioned workforce who no longer felt the slightest loyalty towards the conglomerated organisation they found themselves employed by. Also, I suspect that many of the people on the...
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    Refretting a rock maple neck

    Thank you for such a detailed and well-informed post. No one savvy enough to ask to use callipers is going to do something so stupid that they get broken! Anyway, I think we've all managed to drop them on the shop floor at one time or another. When it comes to dimensions, I thought this was...
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    Refretting a rock maple neck

    Mostly, but not always. To my great shame, I refretted a guitar almost 50 years ago with frets that were really tight to get into the slots. No surprise to discover I put a back-bow in the neck! I believe Dan Erlewine sometimes uses that effect as a way of reducing bow in necks where the truss...
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    Insanely great musicianship

    Char Charles put in the years at music college and is indeed a proficient keyboard player too.
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    We lost a valuable member - Au revoir Ryan !

    While I'm deeply saddened, I'm also glad Ryan is now beyond fear and pain. That poor guy went through so much.
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    I'm finally at peace...........for now

    Two lovely looking Strats, and I don't give a shirt whether they are factory original or not. If they're the guitars you want, that's all that matters. 👍 👍 👍
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    Insanely great musicianship

    I just love this guy.
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    Open Improv Invite #64 - Backing Track Jam in E Minor

    I enjoy working out the changes for myself, because it's good ear training. Also, it gives you a chance to work out the foundation of what you're setting out to do. That said, I didn't listen far enough in, so the middle section was a surprise. While I didn't play anything particularly stupid, I...