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  • hey there sjtalon ... I have a buddy who used to live near Detroit, also have shopped ( by mail and internet) some at Elderly Instruments. My girlfriend and I were in Grand Rapids last summer too.
    Where can I get one of the high mass bridge blocks for the 06 MIM Strat? I broke a tremolo arm in mine and cant get the threaded part out and want to replace. Do you have a part number?

    Thanks for the video, I already found it some months ago, it's pretty helpful for the tremolo use. And it turns out the new problem about the bridge instability was because I broke one string while stretching them and so the tension wasn't balanced. I'll put new strings tomorrow and do all the possible procedures :p
    Thanks once again for the tips.
    Well, I did what you said about the bridge screws (the ones between the saddles and bridge pickup I hope) and now when I press the tremolo arm down the bridge goes up, making my tuning sharper. After that, when I do the opposite (pull the tremolo arm up) the bridge goes to it's original position. I noticed a little improvement on the original problem that I reported in the thread but still not enough to say it's ok. What do I do now?
    I was already thinking of taking it to a complete set up because I never had one. Do you think I should do something or just give the guitar like that to the tech so he can do what he knows?:)
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