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Aug 25, 2013
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Para Para
trim bushes


Senior Stratmaster, from Para Para

Sailing like driftwood on a windy bay May 31, 2018

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      Sailing like driftwood on a windy bay
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    Para Para
    trim bushes
    Type this information please:
    Fender 79 champ
    Krankenstein Jr. with Dime 4-12s.
    Alessis electronic drums,4-10s run through old crate
    1960"s Kawai n Sons MPW Jazz drum set.

    1.Alvarez- Classic Custom/ blk/mint green
    2.Alvarez-Classic Custom/Trans blue/mint green
    3.Alvarez Classic/Gold/wht maple FB
    4.Charvel- 87 pearl wht /maple FB
    5.Carvin- 85 LB70/ maple/Bartolini"s
    6.Epiphone -Genesis 79 blk
    7.Epiphone-Les Paul 96 Purple sparkle MIK
    8.Epiphone acoustic 12 string 70"s MIJ
    9. Fernandez 80"s Turquoise /maple/ gold HW 57' copy
    10.Fender- Contemporary Strat 86 1-PU
    11.Fender-Black-top MIM Sonic Blue/ RW
    12.Fender- 82 OlyWht/maple -Dan Smith
    13.Fender- Ultra 91- one piece top and back
    14.Fender-Ultra 97 BlueBurst quilt top.
    15.Gibson-1970 Gold top Deluxe
    16.Gibson-2009 Stdio Deluxe 1/ signed Paper Tounges
    17.Ibanez- Les Paul Custom 75 wht/blk
    18.Ibanez-LP Custom 75 sunburst 1 pc top & back
    19.Ibanez-LP Custom 76 blk new pots
    20.Ibanez- 2008 Custom 335 Artcore S58"s
    21.Cort-Flying V Effector 79 Walnut
    22.Kramer- Double neck Acoustic/Electric turquoise
    23.85 Kramer- Pacer white
    24.86 Kramer- Barretta, cream ,Eddie signed 94
    25.85 Kramer -reissue, EMG {Gibson 2006}
    26.86 Kramer- Barretta, pink flip-flop/ maple FB
    27.82 Kramer-Vanguard ,custom paint. Cammo gun girl
    28.86 Kramer- K-1000 Artist Gary smith paint-skulls/EVH PU
    29.82 Kramer-Vanguard Rainbow paint maple FB
    30.86 Kramer- Ferrington Tele wht/ RW
    31.82 Kramer-Voyager Imperial Blk /lightning bolt graphic
    32.Ovation-Applause 1992
    33.Ovation-Celebrity blk trans 2012
    34.ESP- KH 202
    35. Schecter- C-1 XXX 2006 EMG blk
    36. Schecter- C-1 Elite 2006 quilted Amber
    37.Fender- AM Standard Tele 96 CAR -RW /blk SD rails
    38.Fender- AM Standard Tele 2013 3tsb maple
    39.Fender- CS Ultra set neck quilt top 92
    40.Fernandez- 85? Fiesta Red RW FB 62'copy
    41.82 Kramer- Pacer Carrera Rockinger trem.
    42. Ventura- ES-175 SD 59"s
    43. Charvel-391-CX wht/RW
    44. Ibanez-Roadster 79 maple FB
    45.Alvarez-Tele -Deluxe Nashville mod 80"s Gold Fender PU"S
    46.Part caster-Babzic /Fender/G&L 920D James Burton PG +++
    47. Skate caster- mighty mite neck/ dirty fingers PU
    48.Skate caster- maple neck/ SD PU
    49.G&L- Legacy 97 Royal Purple RW
    50.G&L-S-500 TSB
    51.G&L- F-100 Candy Lemon /maple 1980
    52. PRS- Vela 2016 MTB
    53. Vintage-Wilkenson- V-52 Tele BS maple FB
    54.G&L- S-500 82 Mahog burst
    55.G&L- F-100 CA Red 81 ebony FB
    56.G&L-ASAT Special 86 blond/blk
    57.G&L- ASAT Special 86 SB Anico PU"S
    58.Vintage- Wilkenson V6JMH wht RW
    59.G&L- Skyhawk blk 1986
    60.G&L- ASAT III 1991 signature Blond/maple
    61.G&L- ASAT Special blk
    62.Vintage- V6 3tsb Wilkenson
    63.G&L- F-100 blk 1981
    64.Kramer- Pacer 82 Emerald Green/maple FB- Dimarzio J-5
    65.Hopf- Acoustic 57 blk/wht
    66.Hamer- Slammer Explorer blk/tort SD custom 78"s RW
    67.Gibson-Explorer wht /blk Kahler gold HW dirty fingers
    68.Parlor guitar- German ornate 1900
    69.Stella- Parlor guitar 1900 ornate -ebony FB
    70.G&L- CS Blondie/ Phylis Fender tribute 2007
    71.Fender- Elite JMP HSS 2018
    72.Fender- Powercaster MIM Opal wht tort PG
    73.Fender- Duo Sonic 1962 Pre CBS
    74.Squier- Bullet H-2 MIJ 83
    75.Charvel- CS Warmoth neck Hot rod paint EMG 90"s
    76.Schecter-C1 Classic vine of life 93?
    77.Agile- 3100 Red trans Spalted maple top
    78.Gibson- Les Paul Studio Floyd Rose TB
    I might have left a couple out... updated 7-25-2020
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