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Mar 20, 2020
Aug 9, 2009
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Jun 6, 1965 (Age: 54)
Ballerup Denmark


.. The smiles returning to the faces .., Male, 54, from Ballerup Denmark

Who?? Pele??? Dec 23, 2016

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Mar 20, 2020
    1. Goodkat
      Something like that. :)
    2. Goodkat
      I guess you could say I'm a more lame, and somewhat less intelligent version of Robert De Niro from the movie Casino! :grin:
    3. fenson
      Well thanks , you aree one of the few rare smart wonderful people that think so though . Watch for a email!
    4. Sonny
      Thanks again Fens
      Stay out of trouble ... Nah forget it, be yourself - You are great as you are...
    5. fenson
      well Pesky did get out of hand. people say I am insulting! LOL I had nothing on him!!
      The HNGD-babes I am surprised they lasted as long as they did. Paul doesn't approve of any bit of nudity.
      Me in trouble LOL!! give me a second and I will be. I was almost a week ago!
    6. fenson
      Thanks I needed that ..hug ya back.!:)
    7. fenson
      Yes Sonny it was I that sold him the Aztec gold guitar , classic 50's 50th Ann. (04) its in his album pics.

      I got it for a good price , it had finish damage but you can't really see it from a distance. I had Chevalier Pickups - Vintage and custom wound single coils. in it a custom set I picked out.
      I sold it to Lyle thats how we met. Great fellow ! Except he will not sell it back to me LOL.
      It is a great guitar . I sold it and a 2 tone Classic I had to pay for my Mary kake.

      We do have a lot of snow, only a month more to go.
      Best to you my friend Sonny.
    8. fenson
      Well thanks for letting me know . Glad you are OK, working with kids I know can be a challenge! Takes a lot of energy.
      See you around the forum! Cheers.

      Oh did you see the new "guitar owners culb" section yet there is a AVRI club now!:) join up!
    9. Tele like it is
      Tele like it is
      COOL! Posted to it...
    10. fenson
      Danish oil its like Teak oil.
    11. fenson
      Yeah he has a mission to destroy another member IMO LOL
      such a nice tele and to think the tele body is good quality African Mahogany with AAAA flame maple , finished in amber tint , Danish oil and nitro. All for 155$ total . That guy should have had the CS build him one for 1200 or more . Would have been way better LOL
    12. fenson
      Your welcome .
      hey is it pictures of yours that you want to link . If it is thats a little different. ?
    13. fenson
      Hi Sonny you mean like this.
      YouTube - Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets feat. Sam Myers

      For this type you just have to copy the URL and paste it you don't have to bother with any of the link things at the top of the post box.

      is that what you mean.

      If I get banned for anything I said in that thread well then its this place that looses IMO . I didn't call any one names etc. Just my Opinion and fact that I am aware of. That one fellow has been after me since his first day here. oh well no big deal I never sweat the little things. And people being petty and jealous why worry about that crap.

      so any way just click & paste in the area you want the link ,in this white space. Forget the little icons in the grey area.
    14. shrews824
      I hope I do too!!!!!
    15. shrews824
      Beautiful pictures of the Mary Kaye Strat. I would love to have one of those.
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    Jun 6, 1965 (Age: 54)
    Ballerup Denmark
    Type this information please:
    - Marshall Astoria Dual amp/cab 30 W
    - Marshall Vintage Modern
    - Fender blues jr.

    - T-Rex Mudhoney
    - T-Rex Alberta
    - T-Rex Møller
    - T-Rex Twin Boost
    - Ibanez TS9
    - Boss Super Chorus
    - Vox Wah
    - Carl Martin Tuner
    - Carl Martin Headroom

    - 73 Strat
    - American Deluxe strat 08
    - Mark Knopfler strat 09
    - AVRI 57 ltd. "Mary Kaye" 07
    - Eric Johnson Strat


    The unbearable One
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