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    Finally here

    Welcome, jmeyers. Glad to have you aboard, mate! 🙂
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    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    I don't have the time or patience to read thru five pages of responses to this query. I would rock the hell out of that natural Stratocaster with the white pickguard and either maple or rosewood fingerboard. I would and I have. ;)
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    Purchased a Strat, now I'm here

    Doctor to nurse: "I need a Strat, stat!!" :rolleyes:
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    Chasing perfect

    You're welcome. ;)
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    Chasing perfect

    It's what I perceived what he was talking about. (A lot of threads lately where somebody receives a guitar in the mail, and then wonders, "Should I sent this back?" All because of some actual or perceived imperfections noticed after the unboxing. ) Do I agree with the OP? Yes. Unless the...
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    Chasing perfect

    Here's how I have avoided being let down with imperfections when unboxing a guitar that I have ordered online. I GENERALLY BUY IN PERSON, AFTER HOLDING AND TRYING OUT THE GUITAR. IN PERSON. And I only order online from reputable sources. Problem solved. ;)
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    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    My ONLY Stratocaster right now is a Fender. A 1991 Strat Plus. Lovely guitar in beautiful pristine condition. That said, I have owned a lot of S-type guitars over the years, and the non-Fender ones each held their own charm, and I loved to play and even gig with them. My favorites of these...
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    Your Opinions On Strat Middle Pickups

    2 and 4, almost exclusively. :)
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    Do you like my Black or White custom shop better , im torn

    The black one appeals to me. :)
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    Strat Neck Shape

    It's more than being versatile. It's a liberating mindset. It's like rocking and gigging for pure joy, and making very small the list of things you concern yourself with. Concerns: Guitars that stay in tune Fret ends that don't snag your flesh Drummers that stay in time and, Doormen who won't...
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    What is the best body color to go with a rosewood fretboard neck?

    Or, since this is a Stratocaster forum, one with multiple roses. :p
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    What is the best body color to go with a rosewood fretboard neck?

    A rosewood neck? Have to vote for a guitar body featuring a rose. ;)
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    Mexican Standard or Player?

    Somebody stole the back plate off of it. I would call the cops if I were you. :oops: